Thursday, 19 May 2022

Hasslefree Inquisitor

I've had this model assembled and ready for painting for ages, and when looking for something else, I decided to commission someone to paint her. The model is a Hasslefree resin model I was thinking of using as an Inquisitor or similar, but will likely end up used in Stargrave.

The model is called Justice Sedante. I commissioned Zoe Wright to do the paint job, and she's knocked it out of the park. You can check out more of her work on Instagram, too.

She has, like all good commission painters, painted the back of the model as well.

Monday, 16 May 2022

Shasvastii Noctifer with Spitfire

I was away last weekend meeting up with family, but I managed to finish this Shasvastii Noctifer for Infinity the weekend before after I'd taken that week's blog pictures. He's an old sculpt, painted up with the usual zenithal undercoat, contrast paints and drybrushing that makes up my Shasvastii scheme.

From a gaming perspective, I've never tried the Noctifer Spitfire. Most people take the Noctifer Missile Launcher, who is an ambush piece, primarily for the reaction phase. The Spitfire is a medium range gun with a high rate of fire, so is far more aggressive. Now I've got one painted up, I really should give him a run out at least once to see what he's like . . .

Thursday, 12 May 2022

White Company Additional Reinforcements

I recently got another batch of White Company mercenaries for Infinity back from That Mr Shy. This was a mix of models I'd picked up cheap that needed painting, and starting to try and get the army towards a sensible playable force...

First up are the newer Kaplan Tactical Services box. You may guess from my already having the old box that this was a cheap acquisition, and a shop's clearance sale will indeed prove you right. This gives me a really solid basis for almost any configuration of Kaplan fireteam without having to proxy a model.

The Fusilier Forward Observer that comes in the Vallejo PanOceania Paint Set was something I had lying around and was worth getting painted up to join a Fusilier Core link when needed... 

Onto practical things that will be in some lists and not others, I picked up the Nisses blister, containing a Nisse Hacker and a Nisse HMG. The HMG is the "traditional" pick here, and likely to be the one taken more often. However, the Nisse Hacker can complete an incredible number of Classified Objectives, so is a solid pick in missions like Countermeasures.

I also picked up the Tiger Soldier blisters. I already have the Tiger Soldier Hacker for when I want a drop troop to push buttons in a mission, but sometimes you want them to do some killing. With a choice between a Boarding Shotgun and a Spitfire, there's both the cheap and cheerful version, and the fancy expensive option. They won't be every list, but I definitely want to give them both a run to see which I like.

Monday, 9 May 2022

Fenris Games Rats

I managed to get some painting in on some of my weekday evenings this week, and managed to quickly finish up these Fenris Games Rats. They're just a simple contrast job with some drybrushing, but that will do fine for models like these. You may notice if you click through to the Fenris site that a couple of them lost their tales over the course of getting them assembled and painted - rat tails are tiny thin things, so its easy to do!

I also took a photo of them ambushing a magic user and her porter. I might do a few more photos like this if people like them.

It's been nice getting back to painting post Empire LRP. Getting a routine going is useful to getting more done. I've signed up to a trainer with the local gym for the first time to try and get more regular with that fitness malarky too, as I was feeling like I'm starting to get a reasonable pace with the painting.

We changed internet providers this week too, and moving lots of boxes of things out of the way to let them install the cable definitely made me feel like I have too much stuff I'm just never going to get to, so expect to see a few more things listed on my eBay as well...

Thursday, 5 May 2022

Knightmare Miniatures - Triceratops Beastman

A while back, I won a "promise auction" for charity, that meant I could get a friend of a friend to paint a single miniature. Digging around the stash, I picked out this "Beastman Champion" by Knightmare Miniatures that I picked up in a Kickstarter ages ago.

After an attempt to lose him by the courier, I've retrieved him from a random local store he'd been delivered to, and was super impressed by this lovely paint job. He'll probably see the table in Frostgrave or Stargrave eventually...

Monday, 2 May 2022

Crossing from April to May

I've managed to get one of the Heroines in Sensible Shoes by Oathsworn Miniatures finished. I like their old school aesthetic and they're a nice easy paint.

Empire LRP took a little longer than I remembered to get sorted before and after, but was good fun. Now there's another one in less than six weeks . . . And I also have a trip to see family scheduled that will be excellent, but impact painting time.

There's still tons of models I got back from my assembly people that aren't "paint ready" yet. I think I need to get those sorted. Possibly worth a big blitz?

I got a whole bunch of miniatures assembled, but there's also tons of assembled miniatures waiting to paint now. I've got a few more new things from small companies and Kickstarters I'd like to get assembled up, but when will I get to paint them?

I think maybe it's time to have a day or two where I focus in on just painting a whole bunch of small miniatures in one go with nice simple paint jobs?

Plus there's all those Shasvastii I said I'd paint by the end of June . . . but I think having fewer half finished things cluttering up the paint table will help me really focus on those...

This is all pretty scattered, and I think that's telling. I've got two much stuff going on at once, and I'm bouncing between stuff and finishing nothing. Definitely a case that I should pick one job, get it done, then move on to the next...

Wednesday, 27 April 2022

OK, but busy with other things

Just a short note to confirm that I'm fine and haven't fallen off the internet. Packing for Empire LRP took much longer than expected, and I'm now dealing with the post event laundry mountain.

I even have finished models I've painted myself, and models I've had painted for me that I've not been able to photo for the blog!

Hopefully I'll be back on track by next week! With the long weekend, maybe I'll even get a little painting done...

Thursday, 21 April 2022

Fenris Games: Toadstool Brownies

I backed the Fenris Games Toadstool Brownies campaign and picked up some Kobolds. They're not on general release just yet. I asked Brushchewer Inc to get them painted, and she's done an amazing job.

I also grabbed some Dire Marmots. I am unsure what I'll end up using them for just yet!

There were also some wolf cubs, who are delightfully adorable.

I couldn't resist setting up a little battle scene as some Kobolds fend off a marauding Dire Marmot...

Thursday, 14 April 2022

Deathwatch: Characters

I sent a small batch of Space Marine characters I had picked up from a bunch of different places to Squiggle's Studio to give me some more options for army building once I start playing my Deathwatch.

First up is a Captain and a Watch Master - I got the Captain cheap off someone who wasn't using him, and the Watch Master discounted from a shop that was closing. I don't know which leadership options are best for Deathwatch, so they're some good options to try out.

Two Lieutenants - one limited edition, one from one of the Partwork magazines. A lot of Deathwatch get to naturally do the thing Lieutenants give a bonus to, so I don't think they'll get used all that often, but there may be some smart uses for them.

Both from Partwork magazines, the Chaplain and the Phobos Librarian are a couple of nice themed heroes that clearly Do Stuff that I need to Learn.

It'll still be a while before I get some games in - I'm not comfortable with being inside with other people for any length of time unless I have to right now. Still, they can all go away in their box until it's time to learn the game.