Tuesday, 24 May 2016

WarhammerFest: Specialist Games - Blood Bowl, Lord of the Rings and Adeptus Titanicus

The news is all over the Internet, and the Blood Bowl Facebook page is definitely a thing. WarhammerFest (and later the Blood Bowl tournament at Warhammer World) had a load of information about what's coming for Blood Bowl.

There was tons of cool stuff on display. This was the beautifully modelled Orc board and dug out. They made up the full model, then took an image of that to use as the board - it wasn't computer generated!

These fancy templates should reassure old hands that not much is going to change rules wise. Questions asked of the guys working ont has also indicated that they're taking an "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach to much of the rules.

Here's a mock up of the final pitch - with an Orc board on one side and a human pitch on the other. There's a potential in the future for more themed boards if there appears to be interest.

Dice, cards, rulebook! The quality of all this stuff is already looking pretty amazing.

The stat cards will look pretty familiar to anyone who's played the game before.

Some people were freaking out a little at the first picture of the board and thought it didn't have squares - it does, but they're subtle - and obviously, the physical board they took the pictures from didn't have the markings. (This picture also shows the human board side.)

Again, the dug outs look familiar to those who played the last version of Blood Bowl. It's not going to be out a while yet, but it's pretty exciting already!

In other news, it looks like after Blood Bowl, we'll be getting Adeptus Titanicus. Going back to the original game set in the Horus Heresy, they've already taken the CAD for the Warlord and scaled it down - and the guy working on stuff like the Death Roller is also working on titans, I'm guessing the Reaver and Warhound, which pre-date Forge World doing CAD.

The scale is also likely to change slightly - probably to around 8mm. This is mostly on the grounds of looking at a few different scales and what titans look most awesome in...

This is a way out - it's after Blood Bowl, probably by at least a year - I'd say back end of 2017 is optimistic, possibly a 2018 release.

Also being shown at Warhammer Fest was some new Lord of the Rings stuff. That isn't really my thing, but I thought I'd show this "Fall of the Necromancer" table - I think it was actually borrowed from someone.

There's definitely a whole lot more coming for Lord of the Rings - there's various pictures of the new resin models doing the rounds, and there's also been a bunch of old metal models re-released as well.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

WarhammerFest: Forge World Seminar - some thoughts

So, as promised, here's my thoughts on the Forge World seminar from WarhammerFest. This isn't my usual full write up - go to the Battle Bunnies for all that stuff.

I'm super pleased to see a Fimir model getting done - I'm a big fan of them, and I'm totally up for getting one.

The new Imperial Armour book is Tau attacking a Mechanicus world before the Red Scorpions and a Knight House rock up to save the day. It turns out Culln got himself a bit of a scratch, though... What I'm really excited about, though, is the possibility of some rules to allow 30K Mechanicum units in 40K games.

The updated Horus Heresy Space Marine army list is on the "to buy" list - I've been meaning to get into Heresy for a long while now.

As you might expect, there was a whole bunch of Mechanicum / Mechanicus units, like this flying automata that is clearly a Blight Drone precursor.

Conversion kits for the Skitarii! More awesome things I'd really quite like.

The archaic helmets are also pretty tempting here, too. I already love the Mechanicus look, and Forge World take awesome and turn it up a notch!

Oh, and something, something, Thousand Sons versus Space Wolves. Sisters of Silence, though...

So really, if we're being honest, Fimir, Mechanicus, and waiting on an updated book before starting a Horus Heresy Space Marine Legion...

Monday, 16 May 2016

Warhammer Fest - A few thoughts

This weekend, my wife and I went up to Coventry to attend WarhammerFest. The train journey up was a little painful, and I think next time we'll spend the extra money to avoid London Midland trains and get a Virgin one. They're not terrible, as such, but the price difference is small enough that the seat reservations and extra space make it worthwhile.

We were staying in the hotel at the venue, and again, I think this is totally worthwhile. Not having far to go for the event, the ability to drop off purchases part way through the day - definitely worth it!

If you are super stoked about Forge World rumours, go to Battle Bunnies. Their dedicated rumour team do a better job than I could do on my own, and there's no point in duplicating effort. It was nice to be able to sit back and enjoy the seminar, although I will admit to still live tweeting a bunch of pictures from it, that was a bunch less work and still fun for my Twitter followers.

I'll still give a few thoughts of my own about what I'm excited about, though. More gonzo and commentary than a blow by blow account of everything announced.

The big news involved lots of new information about Blood Bowl (and also Adeptus Titanicus: Horus Heresy), and that got a lot of people excited. I'll do a dedicated post regarding that later.

One of the demonstration pods we attended showed how to remove shoulder pad designs from resin shoulder pads and attach them to something else - in this case, the Night Lords symbol on the Vorax neck armour. We also hit some demonstration pods about posing miniatures and the design process for Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, which looks pretty awesome.

There was also a seminar about the licensees - who are people who make computer games and apps for Games Workshop. What got me to lose my mind a little bit was the announcement that Vermintide's next expansion is themed around the old Drachenfels background - which I avidly read as a novel, and read and re-read the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay supplement for. I'm a little excited about this.

I'll hopefully post a few more thoughts on WarhammerFest shortly, but I haven't written them yet, so no promises as to when you get them!

Monday, 9 May 2016

Somewhere after midnight

I've finally finished painting up the figure for my Tiefling Bard, Myth. To get him finished, I basically worked from top to bottom to get things finished off. I dropped in a wash on his trousers to give them a bit more contrast, then cleaned up all the leather patches, washed and drybrushed them to get them back to where they were before the trouser colour swap.

I dropped in a darker blue at the base of the jacket to give it much more contrast, and changed the colour of his gloves. I added gold buttons to the jacket, dropped a light sepia wash onto the puffed sleeves, lightened some areas of the face, and dropped in dark brown lines into his horns to improve contrast.

His tail had also been a bit too plain, so I brought it right up with a much lighter red. The lute also had a bit more tinkering and dry brushing to make it seem a little less shiny. Each individual thing was only a little thing, but I felt it really brought the miniature detail forward and made him feel finished.

 I was trying out a couple of new colours in this last paint session. The first was Vallejo Model Color "Dark Sea Blue". I picked it up on a whim after hearing someone on a podcast (I can't recall which one) say it was one of their 'go to' colours. I made a note of it at the time, and ages later have picked up some to play with.

I did find it needed a ton of shaking to actually make it mix - the first few drops I got out were clearly separated and worse than a wash consistency. It was far more than GW paints need, but I quite liked the colour. It has a dark blue green to it that I like.

I've also been trying to get out of my "everything is dark" painting habits, so grabbed this 'red' from GW. It's closer to a flourescent orange, really, but when blended over a darker red, really makes it pop. I used another red as a transition between the very dark red and this so the change wasn't too stark, but if you look at the tail in particular, it gives a lovely effect.

All in all, I'm pleased with both experiments. I'd recommend trying new paints or colours - or even colours in combinations you wouldn't usually consider. Pushing out of your comfort zone really helps you improve your painting.

Also, I got through the post without telling you about my character. You're welcome, internet.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Plodding along

 I took advantage of the Bank Holiday weekend over here to get a bit of painting and modelling done. I finished prepping and assembling a couple of goblins and got them undercoated, but didn't take a photo of that.

I completely swear by Vallejo Coarse Pumice and Sandy Paste for my basing, but I've noticed James Wappel really likes the Oxid Paste. So, I picked up a small jar of it to give it a go.

I used it around the edge of the base of the radical Inquisitor that Whiskey Priest sent me. Before it dried, it was hard to see what the texture was going to be.

I then painted it up with some Rhinox Hide, then a wash, and finally a light drybrushing of some other mid tone brown I had lying around. XV-88, maybe?

Once the wash was dry, I dropped in the last few details, and ticked the box on having at least finished something this weekend. An easy win, to be sure, but I'll take an easy win over nothing. ;)

Myth, my Tiefling, had his trousers re-coloured and the yellow slashes dropped in on his sleeves. I also added another layer to the yellow fastenings on his coat, as the first coat hadn't really properly covered things.

I also start blocking in colours on my last Malifaux Changeling proxy. (SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE: BUY STUFF FROM HERESY MINIATURES.) When this chap is done, I'll have a full 50 Soulstone list fully painted, and I'll move on to assembling and painting the rest of the models my current crew can use to start give me some flexibility in list building.

Finally, one of the Arco-Flagellants I was given for Christmas has been fully assembled. I fitted the trailing arm first, and pinned it, but the leading arm was then fine to forgo a pin. Happy to get him done, just a couple more to go!

Monday, 25 April 2016

Getting back on the horse, and a surprise guest

So, threatening myself with a complete lack of potential content, I finally knuckled down this weekend and broke the painting block, finishing off the second Heresy familiar I'm using as a Changeling in Malifaux. Sure, there's things I'd touch up, but he's a gaming piece, he's finished, and I have more to do!

There is pretty constant assembly going on at the moment - but scraping mould lines and pinning to bases and assembling multi-part plastic kits isn't hugely good blog reading. Hopefully now the pace will pick up and I'll retain some consistency.

I am glad I can't see the future. I got home today to this gorgeous chap waiting for me on the mat. He's an Inquisitor kitbash by Whiskey Priest from The Leadpile. I won a competition a while ago, and, as a fellow sufferer of hobby block, there was a bit of a delay before I got him. Solidarity!

This wretched fellow just needs a little basing love, and then he'll be ready for the table. I'm not sure when I'll be able to get a game, but if I can get him done soon, I'm tempted to try and sort out a game of some sort down at the Overlords in May some time and get some nice photos for a battle report on the blog. I've had a few commissions come back that haven't fired a shot in anger yet, so they'll need their bad luck draining off from their paint.

Still, positivity abounds, and you all have two nicely painted miniatures to see on my blog. Onwards!

Monday, 18 April 2016

When you've gone to Salute and run out of puns on the word 'loot'...

Once more, I have been to Salute, and once more, I have bought a ton of stuff. Here it all is, piled up in the restaurant after the show. But you can't really see all of it there (just get an idea of the scale of it) so here's a bit of a breakdown.

First up, with have the Salute free miniature. This is one of my favourites so far!

Meanwhile, the people behind Maelstrom's Edge had included a free sprue of infantry in the Salute bags.

The guys from Siege Studios, the painting studio, were giving away some free paint brushes. Not tried them yet, but we'll see how they do.

If you said "G'day" to Eureka Miniatures, you got a free kangaroo.

 While Ground Zero Games had their usual "take a couple of figures" box, which I grabbed for my mate Reb who plays in these weird scales that aren't 28mm...

While if you had pre-ordered things with Bad Squiddo Games, you got "Baggy Credits" to spend - I chose to spend mine on this lovely notebook. That sort of neatly brings me on to pre-orders...

Oathsworn were letting people pick up their "Heroines in Sensible Shoes" Kickstarter models at the show, so I picked that up.

Obviously, I had pre-ordered some stuff from Annie (who runs Bad Squiddo). She doesn't have everything Reaper stock on her site, but if you want specific things, she can put in an order for you. In this case, there are a couple of weird Reaper Bones gribblies I'd wanted, and a few useful bits of scenery that was pretty affordable in Bones.

I also ordered the Bad Squiddo Orcs, because I have a Plan for them. I also picked out a few nice miniatures I liked from ranges like Bombshell, CP Models and Reaper that she stocks normally. That was everything I'd bought before the show, so lets move on to what I got while I was there...

My first stop was . . . Bad Squiddo Games. I knew Annie had a few new miniatures out that were being released at the show and hadn't been pre-order-able. It turned out it was these Ogresses, which I fell in love with and bought immediately.

"Oh no, he hasn't started a new system, has he?" I hear you say. In this case, fear not! My insides are not about to become my outsides. Some good friends of mine up in the wilds of Scotland have really gotten into Dropzone Commander, and really wanted the new releases and the show only models. They currently owe me one (1) soul for the queue I endured to get this lot. (That's a discounted mates rate - don't ask me how many souls it is for people I don't like!)

Mike McVey had pottered along to show off Studio McVey's latest project. These are some resin sculpts of things from The Others boardgame, which came up on Kickstarter last year. Sadly, we didn't back this one, as we were probably suffering from Kickstarter fatigue at the time. I loved some of the heralds of the apocalypse and picked them up for painting projects, demonic heralds, and maybe the odd Malifaux proxy.

I rambled on at length about how much I love Northumbrian Tin Soldier's work. I was more restrained this year, avoiding goblin related Nightfolk on the grounds of not having painted last year's yet. I picked up this little chap because he's an adorable little beastman thing.

Eureka Miniatures had sadly sold out of the new Chaos Warriors I wanted, but I consoled myself with a weird critter called Big Nose and some smaller scale Chaos Knights that I will probably make weird mutated things in my chaos army anyway.

I wandered over to say hello to Anvil Industry. I needed some of their Blacksmith 5th Anniversary model for an evil scheme, and decided to grab an Instigator while I was there.

I popped back to say hi to Annie while she wasn't so busy and picked up these crates for my goblins' baggage train.

I've followed Mr Lee's blog for a while, and watched with interest as he partnered with Broken Toad miniatures to put out some really interesting miniatures. I can't remember what this one is called, but it looked very 40K and I had to grab one.

Broken Toad also sold me some new paints I've not tried before, because I'm a great believer in buying something you've not seen before and seeing what it does.

I popped by the Maelstrom's Edge stall and grabbed one of their scenery sprues - they're intended to cheaply allow scratch builders to detail things up, but I plan on using them to updetail MDF scenery.

This little chap is for a dwarf related project. I found him for a couple of pounds at Lesley's Bits Box.

Which is also where I picked up this classic middle era Imperial Psyker with ridiculous clothes. I seem to remember Andy Chambers running him in some linked scenarios as a deranged planetary governor...

Studio Miniatures do zombie games, but they did one set in a medieval theme park, and this cosplayer figure appealed to me on a deep personal level.

I then hit one of the big purchases of the weekend. I've been really enjoying my Infinity, and Right Arm Labs do some excellent pre-painted terrain (and a lot of it is pre-assembled too). This lot came out at a very reasonable price. Unassembled is an 'objective room' which is a standard sized scenario room for Infinity.

 I'd introduced Sim to Dark Star Miniatures because of their metal paint range. She got very excited about it (its very clever from a technical stand point) and bought a whole set, then got excited about their inks (they dry matte) and bought a full set of them. I realised I would invariably borrow these, forget to put them back, and get violenced, so used my last money to grab a few paints, an ink, and some weathering dust to try out.

This Warmill terrain was, however, my last acquisition, as Sim was so exhausted by this point she somehow agreed to buy me some more terrain. I suspect I owe her for this, and I'll probably have to pay her back at WarhammerFest...