Thursday, 17 May 2018

Learning Game: Druze Bayram Security vs Haqqislam - 300 points, Firefight

With it not being a League game week, I decided, as I had enough models assembled, to give the Druze Bayram Security a quick run out in a practice game. Riker was kind enough to accept the challenge, as he wanted to take a break from his usual Yu Jing to return to his Haqqislam.

I started off with the pretty standard core link of Druze with a Clipper Dronbot. The rest of the link consisted of the HMG, Brawler Doctor, Light Grenade Launcher and a Killer Hacker. My Druze Lieutenant was deployed further up the board to replenish the link as it moved up.

A couple of Bounty Hunters in a Duo were set up further up the field to act as a speed bump, with the hope that they'd manage to hold a few models up as they advanced.

And meanwhile, a Brawler Haris with the MSV2 Sniper hung out on the right hand side of the board.

I then got a bit of a shock as Riker's reserve model was a Maghariba Guard. The Druze certainly have a reputation for being punchy, but this was definitely going to be a challenge.

Fortunately for me, I'd left Saito Togan hanging out in a nice spot, and I got a beautiful opportunity to call an "Engage" move, trapping it in place before it could cause too much damage.

The Dronbot got into a little bit of a gun fight with some Haqqislam models and didn't do too well out of it. Broadly, I ended up pinned down with little capacity to move

A Bashi Bazouk wandered on from the side and shot up Saito Togan, freeing up the TAG.

I don't recall what this model was, but it was causing me some significant woe in the midfield.

The Maghariba Guard got into position to cause me trouble the next turn, but the Druze showed why they are so terrifying. There were a couple of orders of ineffective shooting against the TAG, but then suddenly it rolled low, I rolled well and the entire TAG just vanished off the board in a hail of machine gun bullets. I was probably more surprised than Andy!

In an effort to outflank the Druze, I brought on a Bashi Bazouk. The model in the tower turned out to be a Hafza in disguise and used a blast template to obliterate the Bashi by targetting a Holo Echo...

Fortunately, at least, I managed to take out the annoying midfield piece by shooting it in the back.

My sniper lost a duel with . . . something?

One of my few amusement high points was the Ghazi Muttawiah pulling their normal trick of shooting a burst of E/M through a wall at my Lieutenant, only to be reminded that Druze are Veterans, and thus immune to such parlour tricks...

In the wider picture, though, it was all going downhill. The Druze link was slowly dismantled.

Soon, there weren't very many models left, and we called it a day.

As a learning game, this was still super useful. I wasn't much impressed by the Brawler sniper link, but the Druze core link was excellent and caused a lot of damage before going down. I think I need to place more models who can join up with the core link in sensible places to let it get back up to a full five person fire team, as that's where it really shines.

Monday, 14 May 2018

A new dawn for painting

It's been a long while since I posted any painting stuff. I mean, this isn't hugely unusual as my painting schedule is historically erratic at best. But the hobby area is a bomb site, there's a ton of clearing to do to even get to the hobby area, and I've not even been trying to do so recently.

The picture above is why. My darling wife and I have now purchased a flat in London. It's unsurprisingly tiny, so we'll need to have a bit of a clear out. But the new space is going to have a dedicated hobby area (as shown above) and we're planning a ton of storage solutions to make sure everything has a place and isn't sitting about in piles.

Once the move is done, I'm looking forward to getting to settle down and paint regularly. In the meantime, the clear out will continue. If people are interested, I may post more rambling thoughts on my hobby clear out and abandoned projects. There will also still be plenty of battle reports as I am keeping up my gaming schedule in the meantime.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Salute 2018: A Demo of Moonstone

For my final post about Salute 2018, I thought I'd write up our experience of playing a couple of turns of Moonstone. This was the demo game that caused us to end up accidentally kind of buying teh game. Alongside, of course, the fact you get a flatulent goblin knight riding a pug.

They had a beautifully set up board for demo games with a few figures a side.

Each figure comes with their own card, and you have tokens to spend as action points. Some actions can cost more than one point. You get a move, then each additional step is an action point - this means that you can push a little bit further if you need to, but it's not ideal.

You drop a bunch of D4s at the start of the game - they represent Moonstones buried under the earth, with the number representing how deep they are buried. The objective is to get as many Moonstones as possible.

For the demo game, I charged forward and over extended, meaning that my poor goblin knight got beaten up by a giant - although the knight did manage to cause everyone damage with a particularly toxic bout of flatulence!

It was great fun, and there's a few different factions available. It was on sale at Salute and I believe it will be on general release soon.

Monday, 7 May 2018

A bit of a clear out

As part of the bank holiday weekend, I've taken the opportunity to have a little bit of a clear out of some of my abandoned projects. You can find them listed for sale here. However, as I was taking nice photos to go on eBay, I thought it would be interesting to talk about what I'm selling, but also why.

First up, we have a bunch of Nurgle Chaos Space Marine stuff. There's three dreadnoughts and five Chaos Terminators in total.

I picked these up many years ago at an Overlords gaming club bring and buy. One of the younger players was selling on his Nurgle chaos force to fund a new project. As I understand it, he'd also bought a lot of it second hand from someone as well.

I picked up the models I did because at the time I was planning an Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marine force using the models from Dark Vengeance I'd got as a present from my wife. My logic was that these models were painted to a gaming standard and could easily bulk out the Iron Warriors force I wanted while I was getting it ready, and once the force was complete, I could sell them on.

Unfortunately, the Iron Warriors never came to be, so there's no longer any reason to keep team Nurgle. I'm weirdly attached to the little blighters because I know so much of their history. Hopefully they'll move on to someone who'll use them as is, rather than simply stripping them and starting again.

I'm also selling off various bits from the Japanese Successionist Army box for Infinity. I grabbed the box for the pre-order miniature and to get the various models out of it that are of use to the Ikari Mercenary Company, as I already had a lot of the miniatures for that force. (Essentially by mistake, due to the nature of mercenaries.)

There's also a few surplus Antenocitis Workshop bases - either ones I used for some of my civilian models, or ones purchased for mercenaries before I decided to incorporate them into my Ikari forces.

So, if you're seeing this in the first few days the post is up, please head over to my eBay page and grab a bargain. If not, I hope you found these ramblings about why hobby moves on to someone else interesting.