On the desk...

Next for Assembly:
Dungeons and Lasers
Thorns of the Briar Queen
ITS Objective Pack Alpha

Being Assembled:
Battletech: A Game of Armored Combat
Wizkids Frameworks Kobolds

Next for Painting:
D&D wild shapes and familiars

Being Painted:
Dungeon Fiends Starter Set 1
Bears Head Mini Dwarf Watchman
Skeletal Ogre

On Commission:
10 Vindictors
2 Stormstrike Chariots

O-12 Painting:
Combi Rifle Kappas (3)
Epsilon MULTI Sniper
Gamma Feuerbach
Team Sirius
Omega HMG
Fusilier Angus
O-12 Support Pack (4)
Raveneye Officer

White Company:
Anaconda Squadron
Kunai Shock Marksman Rifle
Lucian Sforza
Chaksa Long Arms
Miranda Ashcroft
John Hawkwood
Motorised Bounty Hunter
Hatail Spec Op
Monstrucker SMG
Monstrucker Boarding Shotgun
Nokken Spitfire
Guija Pilot
Deathmatch Hunter (Beasthunter)

Bits and Pieces:
Heresy Centaur
Runewars Skeletons

2023 Paint Totals:
Painted myself: 36
Purchased for me to paint: 1105
Commission painted: 194
Purchased for commission painting: 63 + ??

Painted by me:
Blackmane Gnoll Ravager
Corax Hasht
Bad Squiddo Krystyna Skarbek
Heroines in Sensible Shoes Kickstarter Nest
Left at the Bottom of the Garden: Hoodie Crows (2)
Fenris Games Urn
Bad Squiddo Miko the Vampire Hunter
Oathsworn Dwarf Rune Lord
Oathsworn Dwarf Berserker
Terrain Crate Dungeon Debris (16)
Militia Urbanmech
Oathsworn Dwarf Shieldmaiden
Reaper Bones Wolves (3)
Oathsworn Dwarf Female Runesmith
Mutant Marshes (3)
Lyran Urbanmech

Commission Painted:
Shieldbreaker Strike Force (32)
Terrain Crate: Wizard's Study (15)
Terrain Crate Dungeon Essentials (23)
Fusilier Missile Launcher
Karhu Special Team (3)
Mulebots (2)
Liberty Cargo Pilot
Bashi Bazouk
High Commissioner
ITS Turret
Fusilier Hacker
Terrain Crate Battlefield Objectives (14)
Terrain Crate Dwarven Mine (26)
Rune Wars Tree Monsters (2)
Tanares Hero Pack 1 (12)
Tanares Medusa
3 Space Marine Bikers
Nolzur Kobolds (3)
Pathfinder Cultist and Devil (2)
Pathfinder Townspeople (2)
Pathfinder Human Fighter
Reaper Andowyn Thrushmoor
Wizkids Female Dwarf Wizards (2)
Wizkids Doppelgangers (2)
Dungeons & Lasers Lich
Wolfgang Amadeus Wolff
Alguaciles (4)
Monstruckers (2)
Hulang Shock Trooper (3)
Yuan Yuan (2)
Ghulam Sniper
Rahman Rouhani
Hakims (4)
Otherworld Death Knight
Otherworld Elf Thief
Salute 2016 Show Figure
Bad Squiddo My Last Sunrise Kickstarter (3)
The Fantasy Four Kickstarter (4)
Fantasy Fighters Kickstarter (7)
5 Vanguard Veterans

Purchased for me to paint
Warhammer Underworlds: The Exiled Dead (7)
Warhammer Underworlds: Hexbane's Hunters (6)
Warhammer Underworlds: Blackpowder's Buccaneers (5)
O-12 "Sidebot" Kitbashes (2)
Squid Gnomes (4)
Dungeons & Lasers Fantasy Starter Set (42)
Dungeons & Lasers City of Absalom (93)
Dungeons & Lasers NPC Miniature Pack (68)
Wargames Atlantic Horses (18)
Killzone Upgrade: Shadowvault (11)
Bad Squiddo Lady MacBeth
Dungeons & Lasers Swamp of Doom (27)
Dungeons & Lasers The Elven Woods (30)
Dungeons & Lasers Land of the Giants (23)
Dungeons & Lasers Creature Pack (32)
Dungeons & Lasers Stretch Goals (75)
Dungeons & Lasers Super Stretch Goals Box 1 (10)
Dungeons & Lasers Super Stretch Goals Box 2 (3)
Dungeons & Lasers DeusLair Sample Pack (3)
Copperbots (6)
Nyoka Assault Troopers (4)
PSI-Cops Marksman MULTI Rifle
Hector (2)
Gangbuster Hacker (3) 
Vostok Remote
N3 Riot Grrls (4)
Reverend Moiras (4)
Reverend Custodier with Shotgun
Red Fury Taskmaster (4)
D&D Collectors Series Harengon Brigands (3)
D&D Collectors Series Froghemoth
D&D Frameworks Drider
D&D Frameworks Night Hag
D&D Frameworks Kobolds (7)
Heroquest: The Mage of the Mirror (33)
Black Crab Chimera and Herald (2)
Fenris Games Ruined City Adventurers (8)
Fenris Games Adventurer's Camp (3)
Fenris Games Amphorae (3)
O-12 Alpha Unit
Deadchurch Townfolk (10)
Roadbot Highway Patrol (3)
Fuzzbots (2)
Raptor Boarding Squad (4)
Varangians (2)
Motorized Bounty Hunter
LE Mary Problems
Bakunin Action Pack (9)
Troubled Theft Dire Foes (2)
Event Exclusive Cassandra Kusanagi
Collectors Series Umber Hulk
Collectors Series Behir
Collectors Series Remorhaz
Turnip 28 Forlorn Hope (20)
Team Sirius (2)
Roadbot Highway Patrol (3)
Warhammer Underworlds: Wyrdhollow (8)
Killzone Upgrade: Soulshackle (15)
Wargames Atlantic Giant Spiders (4)
Battlemech Locust (for Militia)
Reaper Bones Wolves (3)
Reaper Bones Familiar Pack 2 (8)
Reaper Bones Familiar Pack 1 (7)
Tolgar Split Eye
The Commissar's Duty
Agents of the Human Sphere (4)
Starmada Chaksa Long Arms (3)
Bakunin Chaksa Long Arms (3)
Otherworld Giant Centipedes (4)
Otherworld Brigands III (2)
Otherworld Sorcerer in Cloak
Otherworld Female Cleric in Chainmail
Otherworld Female Thief in Leather Armour
Otherworld Female Dwarf Fighter in Plate Mail
Otherworld Evil Cleric with Staff and Mace
Otherworld Barbarian at Rest
Otherworld Gnoll Chieftan
Otherworld Dwarf Weaponsmith
Otherworld Blacksmith
Otherworld Tavern Bouncer
Mork Borg Miniatures (20)
Mutant Marshes 2 (5)
Meteor Zond
Folk Horrors 2 (12)
RT-666 Space Pirates (16)
RT-666-1 Space Pirates (4)
Sgt Tigh (2)
3D Printed Scifi Civilians from Sheffield Satellite (4)
Wizkids Male Sphinx
Wizkids Female Sphinx
Wizkids Perytons (2)
Wizkids Quicklings (3)
Wizkids Vegepygmies (3)
Westfalia: The Heroes (7)
Zond Remotes (2)
Reaper Camel with Pack (1)
Wizkids Thri-Kreen (2)
Tournament Winner's Supply Boxes (6)
Tournament Edition Bixie
Nomad Gator
Zond Remotes (2)
Nomad Stigmata
Hieronymous Bosch Kickstarter (10)
Yadu (Nyoka Proxy)
3 x Cube Jaegers
Bluecoat with Adhesive Launcher
Irmandinho with Boarding Shotgun
Heroquest: Rise of the Dread Moon (29)
Mina Lensk
Morat Fireteam Pack (4)
Morat Expansion Pack Alpha (3)
Kornak Gazarot
Bit and Kiss (2)
Obsidian Head Underworld Fixer
O-12 Aida Swanson
Beta Troopers (4)
Tian Gou (4)
Salyut Zonds (2)
Zondnautica (3)
Nomad Aida Swanson
Bakunin Action Pack Doubles (4)
My Last Sunrise 2 (41)
Skabbik's Plaguepack (6)
D&D Frameworks Wight
Heckler with Jammer and Fast Panda (2)
Ariadna Hardcase
Motorised Bounty Hunter
Kaplan Tactical Services (4)
Fist in the Eye Explorer
Fist in the Eye Orc Marauder with Bow
Fist in the Eye Orc Marauder with Spear
Killzone Upgrade: Gallowfall
Black Scorpion Dungeon Dwellers (11)
Combined Army Caskuda
Exrah EXO
Bakunin Illuminatrix
Quantum Anomaly Zones (4)
Dark Dice Miniatures Range (12)
Karlina von Carstein
Astra Militarum Unbroken
Monstrucker with SMG
Kunai with Shock Marksman Rifle
Monstrucker with Boarding Shotgun
Rascaltown Fishing Goblin
Farstriders (3)
Sepulchral Guard (7)
The Headsman's Curse (4)
Grumpy Gorilla 3D Printed Adventurers (6)
Disain Studio Creatures (4)
Cyreni's Razors (4)
Thricefold Discord (3)
Anaconda Squadron x 2 (4)
Szalamandra Squadron (1)
TAG Raid Core Game (21)
TAG Raid Platinum Miniatures (8)
TAG Raid Scenery Pack (26)
TAG Raid Steindrage (1)
TAG Raid Capture and Protect (6)
Iconic Carver
Dead Earth Minis: Socialite
Dead Earth Minis: Native Braves (2)
Dead Earth Minis: Renegade Wizard
Dead Earth Minis: Ganger
Ksenia Lavochkina
New Bolt with Spitfire
New Bolt with Boarding Shotgun
Bad Squiddo Community Minis Project Wave 1 (7)
LE Wild Bill
Arcane Ugly Set (8)

Purchased for Commission Painting:
2nd Edition Ghulam Sniper (Tournament Prize)
Yuan Yuan w/ DA Close Combat Weapon
10 Stormcast Vindictors
Tanares Figures (??)
Next Level Miniatures Dragon's Hoard 1 (??)
Yuan Yuan w/ Chain Rifle
White Company Chaksa Long Arms (3)
2 x Stormstrike Chariots
Hulang Shocktrooper (3)
2 x Monstruckers
Wolfgang Amadeus Wolff
Alguaciles (4)
Hakims (4)
Jujak Regiment (4)
Nokk Spitfire
Monstrucker with Submachine Gun
Kunai Shock Marksman Rifle
Miranda Ashcroft
Hatail Spec Ops
Lucian Sforza
Monstrucker with Boarding Shotgun
Guija Pilot
Anaconda Squadron
Motorized Bounty Hunter
John Hawkwood
Brawlers (4)
Monstrucker with Boarding Shotgun
Qapu Khalqi Hunter
White Company Hunter
O-12 Monstrucker with SMG
Diggers for O-12 (2)
Diggers for NA2 (2)
NA2 Triphammer
O-12 Triphammer
TAG Raid Remote for O-12
TAG Raid Hacker for O-12
Vegepygmies (3)