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I'm currently moving house, so I'm not in the middle of anything right now...

Farmed Out:
Primaris Psyker

Completed in 2017
5 Warriors of Chaos: Forsaken
Reaper Bones Starship Terminal
Reaper Bones Starship Generator
Krakon Games Fomorian Witch
Miss Ery (Teddy)
Possessed Guard (Secret Santa)

Completed in 2016
Malifaux Scheme Markers
Astra Militarum Praetorians
Bones Medusa
GoblinAid Snorklings
Heresy Familiar (Malifaux Changeling Proxy)
Heresy Imp (Malifaux Changeling proxy)
Leadpile's Renegade Inquisitor
Myth (Tiefling Bard, my D&D character)
Heresy Halfling Sorceror (Malifaux Changeling Proxy)
Ajjatahr (Circle of Chaos Kickstarter)
George Fairlamb GoblinAid Goblin Wizard
Inquisition Mutie
5 John Pickford Barbarian Warriors (Foundry)
Anvil Industry Blacksmith (Chaos Villager Project)

Previous years
Completed in 2015