So, the there's a couple of goals here. I want nice, competitive but themed warbands. I also want to get all the things.

Likely up soon - a 400 point force for an event in December 2019...

Purge the Pit

I'm attending Purge the Pit in December and trying to get a small 400 point force assembled for it!

The Challenge

First Model Painted!

Getting all the things


Coteaz: Done

Karamazov: Not purchased

Ordo Malleus in Terminator Armour: Part assembled

Ordo Malleus with Daemonblade: Part assembled

Ordo Hereticus with Null Rod: Purchased

I have a big pile of other Inquisitor models I picked up in a deal a while back I need to get sorted.


Acolytes: Done
More to do still to come!

Arco-Flagellant: Ready for paint

Crusader: DONE
Done one, have another couple in paint.

Daemonhost: Ready for paint

Death Cult Assassin: Owned

Jokaero: Ready to paint (and have a Lexmechanic DONE)

Ministorum Priest: DONE
Some done, need more

Mystic: DONE

Rhino: Assembled, needs some TLC pre-undercoat.

Chimera: Assembled, needs some TLC pre-undercoat.

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