I originally started out my Neverborn in the last edition of Malifaux. I was planning on doing a crew that consisted of Zoraida doing her puppet thing, with Collodi as her Henchman. The metal crew preparation and assembly, and over-ambitious plans for water effects meant this stalled for three years.

Completed models:

I now have a completed old metal starter set for Collodi.

The Zoraida Avatar has been pressed into service as a Mysterious Emissary.

Changeling proxy

I'm using some Heresy figures as Changeling proxies. This is their demonic familiar.

While this is the imp with sacrificial knife, also representing one of the delightful little Changeling scamps.

And the final Changeling, painted just in time for Wyrd to release the actual models...

Miss Ery, the plastic nightmare Teddy is now done, adding some painted "muscle" to the crew.

I've also got some tokens sorted out, for schemes, strategies, scrap and corpse tokens.

Strategy Markers
Scheme Markers

Purchased and awaiting assembly are the Coryphee and a Performer who will act as a scheme running mercenary. There's also an old metal Convict Gunslinger I picked up at some point.

Next up for purchases is expanding out the Collodi crew to a full themed crew - Widow Weaver, all the Effigies, and the Arcanist mannekins. Long term, I'll pick up the Master of Puppets set to get Vasilisa (and a few extra Wicked Dolls), but that's not an urgent thing.

I also want to find some suitable bases to act as nice painted Hungry Land markers for the Emissary.

After that? Lucius, who while I've been thinking about playing him, has been errataed to be less rubbish, which is amazing. I'm also looking at a quick swamp-wise potter into Zoraida, who can do a solid and different crew with very few models!

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