The Forgotten Army of the Lost Kingdom

The Mortal Realms were once a place of civilisation, filled with cities and kingdoms and culture and trade. Then Chaos came. It should be remembered that Chaos is the breakdown of Order. It is the loss of law, of rules, of the glue that binds together people in peace.

Little Order remains in the Mortal Realms now.

When Sigmar turned his back on the realms he did not rule, many peoples and kingdoms were lost. Some fell to Chaos, or were destroyed totally. In some cases, the few survivors were able to flee, putting together what weapons they could to protect their lives.

It is a hard life, traversing the mortal realms, seeking food and shelter, grubbing a living and seeking to avoid the slaves of cruel gods who seek to end you. Perhaps a leader will pull together some small Order from the Chaos, creating some small reflection of what has been lost.

Some among the band pray for the day that the Gods of Order turn their faces back upon their people. Others curse them, spit on the floor, and say they trust no God now.

One day, in the near future, the lost people of a forgotten kingdom will meet the first of the new forged storm.

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