Warriors of Chaos

The intention here is to put together an army that can be played with either 3rd Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle or Age of Sigmar. As such, it will focus mostly on square based models, and mostly Games Workshop figures.


I've now settled on a simple colour scheme of off white and pastel purple.

The Army of the North

This will cover all the Games Workshop figures in the list. It's a mix of old and new stuff.

For 3rd Edition, it tells the story of an Imperial citizen who falls to chaos and travels north to the wastes to seek his fortune, pledging his soul to Slaanesh and meeting greater champions than he along his travels.

For Age of Sigmar, this is a series of linked warbands devoted to Slaanesh - I'm still to decide how they are reacting to it being missing. They will probably be in Hysh, because not many people have done stuff with that, and I like the idea of a Slaanesh force trying to cope with reason, symmetry and hidden meanings. Alternatively, maybe Ulgu, as perhaps that's where the secrets of the location of Slaanesh are hidden. This probably depends on where I put my other Age of Sigmar armies!

Models owned:

The Questing Champion
Throgg, King of the Trolls
Metal Keeper of Secrets
Finecast Keeper of Secrets
Chaos Dwarf Daemonsmith
Chaos Lord on Steed of Slaanesh
Dragon Ogre Shoggoth
Chaos Familiars
Chaos Spawn

The Ragged Host

This covers the non Games Workshop models I own. They're mostly being kept to their own separate units so if I need to play at a GW store, I don't have to separate out models from within units. The idea here is that they are ragged hangers on, allied warbands and other scum who are peripheral to the core host.

Models owned:

5 of the Pickford Barbarian Warriors

John Pickford's Barbarian Warriors (Foundry)
Chaos Warriors (Eureka)
Chaos Cavalry (Eureka)
Blanche (Hasslefree)
Swamp Warrior (Troll Outpost)
Spitebringer (Bolt Thrower Miniatures)
Evil Little Blighter (Bolt Thrower Miniatures)
Lesser Wardemon (Kromlech)
Barbarian Warlord (Heresy)
Dark Brethren (Heresy)
Templars (Harlequin)

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