Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I hate my wife's camera

So, I was super, super proud of the miniature I painted at the Golem Studios / McVey masterclass.

Then my wife took photos of it and sent them to me.

Her camera's super-macro settings show up absolutely every flaw and problem with my painting possible.

I thought it was a pretty good job, all told:

We had three things to do: non metallic metal on the foot, painting the face, and blending on the cloak. I was most proud of the face, followed by the NMM on the foot, and finally the cloak, which I felt wasn't quite finished.

Lets have a look and see what her camera brought out, shall we?

The eyes are just not painted in the right place. I obviously need to practice a lot, lot more before I get this sort of thing right. I'm not sure if I want to try and correct this or leave it as a point for comparison. The miniature is awesome, though, and I really should complete it.

As I suspected, my blending is not as smooth as it could be. I need more practice here, but I was thinking that it wasn't fully done yet when that part of the workshop finished.

Despite that, the cloak isn't making me as depressed as the eyes. That really got to me!

I'm quite happy with the foot. It is just the bottom panel I've fully NMMed, and the blending on it is really nice. I'm not sure about my final white spot highlights, but its something to practice over time.

So that was a disappointed exercise in showing off something I thought was awesome until my wife's camera got near it and gave me a reality check.

Does anyone have a camera that makes things look better?

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