Tuesday 31 December 2013

Painting Review of the Year

So, I took a little time to look at what I've managed to achieve this year from a modelling and painting perspective.

Then I got a little sad...

Models completed this year:

Imperial Beastman

3 Sentinels

Imperial Scribe

Dark Angel

Vindicare Assassin

Swamp Critter

That's it. Seriously, that is all I've managed to finish painting in a year. It gets worse, because the Sentinels need a touch up, and have done since their first game.

I have managed a few other bits and bobs, though:

Buildings finished:

Airfix "Afghan House"

Other stuff done:

10 Corpse Tokens completed
(only 5 shown here)

Collodi Crew - Painted, not based

A year. That's a year's progress, basically. I'm not showing pictures of the 15 models I'd painted last year and threw a quick bit of basing sand on this year. That would be too desperate.

However, an honourable mention does go to Squidzilla Ink, who completed more of my models in a week than I had managed to do in an entire year.

I do, however, end the year more or less where I finished, despite the massive purchases and minimal painting progress. This is because I've been ebaying off my massive cancelled Skaven army project, and not buying a whole army at once to replace it. This did somewhat disguise on my tracking systems how little was actually getting painted.

So, what are my plans for next year?

  • Not include models I'm selling in my tracking systems next year
  • Take part in the Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge
  • Finish the blasted Collodi crew
  • 500 point Warriors of Chaos Army
  • All of Salute 2012's purchases painted
  • No new systems (Infinity, this means you) until I've fully painted one of my other skirmish games up
So, really, given how much I have to paint, I can really step back on things on my "to buy" list. As far as new models goes, I can really only see me getting:
  • Enough models for the Warriors of Chaos army
  • Some stuff from the new Imperial Guard releases
  • Kits and things for kit bashing
  • Some Goblinaid miniatures
Beyond that, I think I just need to finish off the current round of ebaying things, buy more books (and ebooks, to save space) and try and keep spending down a little more this year. I do need to work out what I am going to do for Salute this year, as I do want to get something, but it needs to be more manageable this year - anything I get in the first half of the year needs to be painted in the second half. This year is about, hopefully, getting in control of spending and hoarding habits, and trying to buy less than I'm painting.

Wish me luck!


  1. A very productive year sir, some bloody brilliant work there. Liking the sound of your plans for 2014, I'm going for a slightly similar approach - less buying, more painting etc. Really enjoyed reading your posts this year sir, and looking forward to seeing what 2014 brings!

    1. Thanks very much! Similarly, your blog is very much an inspiration.

  2. Nice work, mate...

    ...but where are thse sentinels, please? I missed 'em and I'd love to see them...

    1. I am a terrible person - I finished them just in time for a game, then chipped the paint in transport. I was intending on fixing them before taking any photos, but still haven't done so after ten months...