Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Hobby Progress Challenge, Platoon Britannica Meet Up, and a couple of games

I find myself almost a little incoherent today. Things have really started taking off in terms of Getting Things Done, and alongside some busy work commitments, I'm feeling pretty wiped out!

I am trying to make my first commitment for the Hobby Progress Challenge. Given I didn't manage to reach double figures of completed painted miniatures last year, if I complete my first 20 Guardsmen, I'll have already more than doubled last year's achievements by the end of February. Its ambitious, but hopefully I'll pull through!

Here they are, in glorious, glorious coloured progress! As I mentioned in my previous progress post, I'm trying out using a piece of hardboard as both a painting base and a palette to mix my colours on. I'm certainly finding things a lot easier, and while I'm just painting to a simple gaming standard, it is super useful.

As a side note, I am starting to think that the old GW "Desert Yellow" separates and goes streaky if you so much as look at it funny. No wonder my tanks ended up with massive streaks on them. I am kind of looking forward to using up my old stock and colour matching to a new one in the hope of it being a bit more consistent in terms of coverage.

The photo above was taken at Dark Sphere on Sunday, at the Platoon Britannica painting meet up. Max Von Deadlock covers the event itself coherently and with a picture over on his blog much better than I could, so I'll simply direct my readership to him for details of how that went.

Because I have no common sense whatsoever, I travelled straight from the painting day to Reading. Less of Reading was underwater than I expected. I stayed overnight before playing two games against a friend who plays Space Wolves. I just looked back at my blog and realised I haven't played him since July 2012. I'm an absolutely terrible person. We got in two excellent games - one at 1,500 points against his Space Wolves, and another one at 500 points against his new Dark Eldar force he's putting together. Many photos were taken, so expect battle reports on them in the future, when I start working through the massive backlog of reports I have to do! Huge thanks to my hosts in Reading, and I'll try to make it less than a year and a half before our next game...


  1. Very jealous of your gaming in Reading.

    Now I've never done this, but have you thought of trying out a wet palette? - I reckon it could be perfect for your needs in this challenge...

    1. I was using one consistently up to recently - it was actually causing my problems with getting the consistency of the paint right. I was constantly ending up with it being too watery.