Monday, 5 May 2014

Progress report from the Manufactorum

I have managed to get a few bits and bobs done.

Collodi is so finished I've put him away. I couldn't be bothered to get him out for a finished photo right now, so here's a picture of him with his last bunch of water effects drying.

The first batch of Imperial Beastmen are slowly but surely getting paint on them. They're currently still at the base coating stage, but soon there will be drybrushing, then washing, and then they will be done.

The Mk I Thunder Armour is now undercoated and ready for paint.

I'm also putting together a Lord Commissar for the Guard. At this rate, he may beat the Beastmen to the battlefield...

There was a massive hole in the sword arm, but I've green stuffed it over. I'm actually super pleased with myself about my sculpting - I've managed to line up the cuff and the folds in the jacket. This is quite a big step up for me in terms of competence and skill, and it might mean I try some new things in the future.

My brain seems to have settled well into having one project I'm clearing out of my backlog (Beastmen), and one project I'm doing for fun to keep my interest up (Mk I Power Armour). Although I'm not really sure which one of those the Commissar Lord is - really, he's part of the Hobby Progress Challenge I'm doing, and I'm trying to get him finished by the end of the month! I'll always try and have one figure I'm working on prepping while I'm painting something else, so I can jump between prep/assembly and painting, depending on my mood.

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