Sunday, 1 March 2015

Health Check: New Year's Resolutions, End of February

As expected, February did not go well in the painting productivity department...

The Main Goal

- Finish painting at least two things a month

I got nuthin'.

Like, I haven't picked up a brush.

Still, preparation for the Totally Crit Open went moderately well. All sorts of figures got assembled.

In the end I did need to borrow some figures from a friend to meet the deadline, and three figures got finished the night before the tournament, but I did make it!

The tournament was excellent, and I'll be putting up a review of it later. I've also managed to keep my willpower together and haven't bought any models this month!


  1. Good to see you the other day. Good luck with the infinity think. Good luck with sticking to the resolutions.

    1. Yup, it was definitely good to catch up. The resolutions aren't going too badly - but over-committing to non resolution things in February hit them hard!