Monday, 18 July 2016

Getting the motor running

I remembered where my paint brushes were! This is a work in progress on the last Heresy Miniatures figure I'm using as a Changeling for Malifaux. I've been pretty heavy on assembling stuff for the past few weeks, but I really got in the mood for painting a few bits and pieces this weekend, so got to work on this little half finished fellow.

Of course, I didn't spend the entire weekend on that. The other hobby relevant thing I did was starting to sort out the horror that was my old paints bag.

I cleared a space on the work table and set up this wondrous thing for a bunch of my paints. You can pick them up from HobbyZone. Luckily, I picked mine up shortly before certain poor choices crashed the value of the pound.

This one still needs to find a place on the table, but fits smaller pots. I still need to pick up another stand for some of the middle sized pots - old GW, current Forge World air and Cote d'Arms stuff.

Beyond that, the plan is to just start plugging through all the different things I have to do! Schemes bubbling in my head include getting a small Age of Sigmar force up and running, starting on the Cypher project, and any number of the boxed games I own - including getting started on Horus Heresy!

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