Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Painting Miss Ery (Teddy) for Malifaux

With Spring Showdown II coming up, I wanted to get my Teddy painted up to a reasonable standard. I decided I wanted to try and make it look like the example art on the card, which is a challenge I've not tried before.

I painted the Teddy separately to the base because I reckoned it would be much easier and quicker. Unfortunately, once I'd undercoated the model, I realised I'd missed a bunch of gaps. So, on goes the liquid green stuff while I sort the base out...

The base idea was to do the dark green that Malifaux's art background often uses. I used the Vallejo Sea Green as the base. The basic painting plan was a bone drybrush, then a green wash, light green drybrushes of various types, then a little bit of line highlighting. Oh, there was some Duck Egg Vallejo on the vegetation sections. This is the point at which I'd put the wash on.

If you look down at the finished base, you can see the extra detail I'd got from the extra greens to bring some nice subtle variation to the base.

The base coat for the main part of the Teddy was a Rhinox Hide base. It looks oddly gloss for a while.

I then layered on lighter browns and pale green blended in. I dropped some duck egg green into the patches.

The stuffing was an off white with a dark shade. The metal claws were Dark Star Tarnished Steel with a gloss black wash. I also tidied up the blending much more. I'm much happier with the lighter brown blends than the darker brown blends.

This is the finished base, with the black edge added in and the different tones of green blended in, and a little manual line highlighting on the chest bars and a couple of other places.

And finally, a finished Teddy. There's a few things I might go back and detail later, but he's definitely done for now. And ready in time for the Spring Showdown! He's not an exact match for the card art, but close enough that you can see what the intent was, which makes me pretty happy.

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