Thursday, 1 June 2017

WarhammerFest 2017: Part II - Staff Hobby


One of the great things about the Saturday of WarhammerFest is that you get to see lots of awesome hobby from the GW staff. Because they may as well do something with the Golden Demon cabinets...

It's also much more civilised to look at these awesome, achievable armies in a lot less of a crowded press than it is the Golden Demon entries. Of course, I'm a moron and forgot to do this until late on the Saturday - here you can even see Chris Peach (of Warhammer TV appearances and hobby fame) putting away his combined Order forces in the background.

This Tzeentch force jumped out at me from the cabinet.

I failed to get the name of the painter, but you can see the awesome bright colours of the force, which is nice and different to what you often see.

There were also a few Gathering Storm dioramas done by the staff in one of the cabinets that were available on both days. This is another bunch of work by Chris Peach, ruined by my awful photography.

I believe Borja is one of the Forge World painters.

 I don't know the person who created this one...

... or, in fact, this one. But they're pretty awesome, aren't they?


  1. Thanks for posting these up! - BTW, a lot of the creators/painters' names can be seen on the cards next to their dioramas in the photos.

    1. Yeah, when I can read them, it's that I don't know who they are. :)

  2. Fabulous stuff. Thank you for sharing the inspiration!

    1. No worries. It absolutely got me enthused!