Monday, 6 August 2012

A few little bits

I had a moment of weakness this week and picked up the necessary parts I've been looking for to do a couple of Imperial Guard conversions I've been intending to try for a while.

I was pottering through Ebay and found someone selling the individual bits I needed to do a single test model for each of the conversions, which is a lot less of an investment in time and money than buying entire boxed sets or 20 or 30 sets of bits!

I have a great deal of love for kit-bashing, even though my wife cannot see the point in it one little bit. I love putting together a unique force with the look I want. Its not about showing people I spent twice as much money as them on an army - ideally, they'll be wondering when GW brought out new models they haven't seen yet. (I am not yet this good.)

So, I picked up was the body of a Brettonian Man at Arms (I think a champion or similar) in order to try using that for a Guardsman. This was the extra thing I decided to get alongside the main thing I was after. A beastman. Or rather, I've got an Ungor body and a Gor head and horns. I don't like the Ungor heads, but the Gor bodies are too festooned in chaotic symbols for them to work without a ton more work than I'm willing to do.

The plan is to use Beastmen as my penal legion. It suits - poor equipment, and vicious in combat.

Painting, meanwhile, has taken a backseat to the day job being busy, the Olympics, and a major blitz on housework. This makes me sad, so I will try and get some sort of progress to report for next week.

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