Monday 4 February 2013

Learning Inquisitor 28

So, last week I didn't manage to get a game of Malifaux in, but I did get my first game of Inquisitor 28 in with a player at Darksphere called Louis, who is a scholar and a gentleman.

What is Inquisitor 28?
Inquisitor is a Games Workshop specialist game which was originally introduced in 54mm. A number of players since have decided it would be much easier and saner to play in 28mm (normal 40k scale). Conveniently, the books refer to IC distances rather than OOC ones, so you can just treat a 'yard' as a centimetre and everything is lovely. There are plenty of people on the internet playing and modelling for it, so there is a lot of inspiration around.

A full "IC" report will follow separately, but I thought I would cover a little bit of how the game played.

We did not keep Batman levitating in to tell some models to
hurry up in the final write up

A couple of other players were watching, and, well, lets just say it didn't keep their attention as much as it could have!

It took much longer than I expected, even with only three models on one side and four on the other. With four or five different distances you can move, dice rolls to see how many actions you actually get, and a vision / cover mechanic that I still need to sit down and actually work out, it was certainly not quick.

Despite that, and a very slow start due to us not realising quite how slow some models would end up moving, things definitely picked up towards the end as we rolled dice and described what was going on pretty smoothly as a story.

I will definitely be playing again, but not every week - this is going to be a "sometimes" game for me.

For anyone looking at starting Inq 28, the biggest thing I would recommend would be to print out reference sheets of the main tables for the rules, and a separate prepared sheet for each of your characters before you start. It will be very helpful and speed things up immensely.

Notably, I didn't. Learn from my mistakes!


  1. We tend to play with a yard being half an inch, because otherwise games do take too long. Also, shooting/jumping ranges and the like are ridiculously small if you use centimetres.

    Another key point is that it's important to play on a suitably small table. For INQ28, this can be 2'x2'. Inquisitor games are the last five minutes of an action film, they're supposed to be frenetic of course, Inquisitor is not a perfect games system; it is ungainly at times, but has a certain elegance when run properly.

    For an INQ28 reference sheet, try this:

    1. Oops, blogspot seemingly won't let me copy the link, but if yo search "Inq28 reference sheet" in google it does come up.