Monday 28 January 2013

Some pictures of some kitbashes and a bit of WiP

So, thinking my Beastman was finally finished, I took it in to Darksphere to take some photos on their terrain (until I get some of my own).

Then I got home and uploaded the pictures onto my computer and spotted an area of touch up that just didn't look the same colour as the rest of the model.

There was a lot of cursing.

See that right pec? Totally not OK!
Still, I got some other really nice pictures I'm quite happy with, either in low light, or from certain angles.

While I was there, I also took a couple of other kitbashes along for photoing. This is my medic, who is a source of utter hatred for many of my opponents. He is a joint effort between me and the wife. I came up with the box, and the bandages, and she added the lasrifle and green stuff strap, and added the servo skull and bandages inside the box.

The long suffering (and probably regularly replaced) bodyguards of Captain Rafiq were also brought along for a couple of shots...

OK, they're just head swaps, but I'm quite proud of them. One is a random Empire head, the other is one of GW's own metal Guardsmen heads you can buy from them direct.

Anyhow, after I finished my epic sulk, I finally cleared up the Beastman paint job, and just need to show you . . .

Oh, wait, haven't taken a photo yet.

Hold a moment.

. . .

Right, back!

There we go! Much better.

I've also taken a nice shot of the fur on his back.

I also spotted one of my WiPs on the desk, and decided to take a quick shot of him. He's just got a base coat of black and some basic grey drybrushing, along with the start of the brown basecoat. The metal is the furthest advanced. The photo is definitely something helpful for spotting where there's problems that need more attention. I may take some photos and blow them up on my computer in the future, it is proving helpful in spotting things my eyes aren't seeing yet.

I am kind of hoping this Wednesday to try and get in my first game of Malifaux and my first game of Inquisitor 28... Both will probably result in a lot of peering at rule books, but it seems a lot of people are curious about Inquisitor, so I'll be interested as to how that goes...


  1. Good luck with your INQ28 endeavours!

    1. Thank you. They went quite well, and expect a couple of posts to tell people how it went!