Monday, 27 May 2013

Another bank holiday, more modelling and painting

This has been a really busy week from a hobby stand point all told, so there's a lot to get through!

I recently discovered that a lot of  Games Workshop product is now going "Direct Only". One of the many things affected are the Catachan Imperial Guard - who I'd been planning to use the arms from in order to put together my Imperial Guard Beastmen.

From a practical point of view, this means that I can no longer get them for a 20% - 25% discount, and instead can only get a 5% discount from any of the independent retailers. My original plan of buying a Battalion box and throwing the rest into my bits box now became completely inefficient.

So, having only just received an order from Bitz Box for some unrelated bits and bobs, I ended up putting in another massive one to get the arms I need to put together two squads of the blighters.

Then I had the realisation that Arcane Scenery and Models, who we'd skipped seeing at Salute, stocked Tamiya paints, and my wife has been looking for their Clear Red for ages. So off went another order...

Then, having today decided not to go out to dinner and to drop in to the 4D model shop, I had another moment of weakness and ordered a whole bunch of bases and so on from Dark Sphere, mostly from Micro Art Studio. This will give me my much needed scrap tokens for Malifaux, plus some bases for the Arcworlde models I picked up at Salute.

Fortunately, this was all covered by the ebaying of a whole bunch of my now abandoned Skaven, so I am not dirt poor. I've also been working like crazy to ensure that my "score" doesn't go down following my purchase of the Redeemer earlier this month to grab what I could before Specialist Games shut down entirely.

Ironically, I've been working on so many things I've not stopped to take photographs of all of them! I finished basing five Ratlings and ten Storm Troopers who are already back in their boxes unphotographed to make room for the next work in the assembly line!

Well, erm, that isn't very inspiring, is it? The next job for my Guard is another two squads of infantry. I'm not playing at Dark Sphere this week, so I'm hoping that in a fortnight they'll be battle ready and rocking the 41st Millennium.

He finally has four hands! Collodi has been my nemesis for a not inconsiderable length of time. However, I finally manned up and did it shortly before my wife finally got fed up of me saying I needed her Dremel without actually ever using it. The Dremel is now away on an adventure, which does slightly defer the infamous Herald of Tzeentch (another nemesis of shame).

I am also super pleased with my green stuff work on his arms. Not all of them lined up exactly how I wanted to once I'd pinned them, and I had caused a bit of damage to one arm with a botched drilling job, so green stuff came in and saved the day.

Finally, you may recognise his chap from many, many blog posts. After a lot of consultation, his feather has now been re-based in white for another attempt. I'm trying to get him done for the painting competition at Grumpy Old Wargamers Con, which is only a week and a half away now. Hopefully, I'll get him done in time...

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