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Games Day 2013: Forge World Seminar - The Presentation

So, we start off the serious Games Day coverage with the Forge World Seminar. I was in the first one, and there may have been some different questions in the second.

So, here we have Tony Cottrell as Master of Ceremony, Sarcasm and Easy Questions, Alan Bligh on Hard Questions, and Owen Branham on slides (because the NIA didn't stretch to a clever clicky thing).

Warhammer Fantasy Battle / Warhammer Forge

There was a picture of the new River Troll Hag by Trish. It is gorgeous and wrong, and already on the Forge World site.

There was then a preview photograph of the Dread Saurian. Trish had it with her, but it is an unfinished work in progress and there's still some sculpting left to do on that.

Warhammer 40K

Volume 2: Second Edition "War Machines of the Adeptus Astartes" is coming out soon. It will cover all the vehicles Forge World "currently do", which will last for about a month until they release something new. That's Tony's snarky comments, not mine! It will include rules for using the Spartan  in 40K. It will include rules for using a Relic Scarian Battle Tank in 40K.

It has a section called "Selected Glories" - which is lots of information on various battles fought by Space Marines. Andy Hoare has completely re-written this book. It may be out in time for Christmas if they get it back from the printers on time.

(I went down to look at the printers proofs from this later in the day, so will return to this in a later post.)

They also showed some pictures of the Tau R'Varna Battle suit. The pictures have been out for a while, but the release will be a short while yet. Some limited numbers were on sale at Games Day

Horus Heresy

We then moved on to the Horus Heresy, which Tony commented could still have some use in normal games of 40K, but were much less applicable to Warhammer Fantasy or Blood Bowl.

Horus Heresy: Massacre will be part 2 of the first trilogy, and the Part 1 of the Istvaan V Drop Site Massacres. It will include the Iron Hands, Salamanders, Word Bearers and Night Lords Legions. There will also be some more information for the Mechanicum and the Titan Legions. There will also be some additional material for the Emperor's Children, World Eaters, Death Guard and Sons of Horus.

The book will also have the story of the first part of the battle, and the history of the four featured legions. There will be rules for special units, characters and Primarchs. There will be rules for the Mechanicum units, and a campaign system.

There were then several slides of illustrations of models. I spotted a Salamander Contemptor which had two melta weapons, but wasn't able to get a photograph.

They then moved on to new models, some of which have already been promoted in Forge World newsletters and similar. They showed the Iron Hands Relic Contemptor, which was done by Israel Gonzalez. They showed the Emperor's Children Phoenix Terminators by Keith Robertson, the Kakophoni Marines by Steve Whitehead (who also did the Ashen Circle models) and then the Legion Vindicator by Phil Stutcinskas.

They showed off pictures of the Fire Raptor that Stuart Williamson has done and mentioned that the side guns have several options including autocannons, and that you can open up the shield segment to see the Marine gunner inside. They also showed the Erebus and Kor Phaeron models, along with Ferrus Manus, all done by Simon Egan.

Only other photo I got in the Seminar.
It's not relevant, but work with me here.

It then moved on to the newer stuff. They showed the Legion Sicarus Venator by Phil - I got some photos of that at the Forge World stand, and I'll include that in my "wandering the halls" post later. That should be done in a month or so, but wasn't out at Games Day. They also showed some gorgeous pictures of some Mechanicum Thralls, which they are going to see if they can make compatible with the Imperial Guard plastics. There were then some photos of the Mechanicum Myrmidions, which will be bigger than Terminators, and still very much a work in progress.

They showed some pretty pictures of a Legion Basilisk, complete with Marine crew. The crew are not having a cup of tea, although Tony said they were for a short while, he was lying. They showed a Mark IIB Land Raider Achilles that Stuart Williamson is working on.

They also showed off the Legion Kharybdis Assault Claw, which can either be modelled landed or on a flight stand on it's side. There is also a game you can play where you see how long you can cope with wearing it as a hat, but it is quite painful and Tony never told us that because he doesn't want to be blamed when someone gets hurt or drops a model on the floor...

There were even more gorgeous models to come! Iron Hands Medusan Immortals by Israel again, which are a Breacher Marine specialist squad. There was a squad of Death Guard Legion Grave Wardens, and Night Raptor Assault Marines.

Lorgar was at Games Day, although I did not see him. He has been sculpted by Edgar. He should be available in a couple of months.

Then we have Primarch Number 5. He is half finished. He does not have trousers at the moment. Simon Egan is working on him and is aiming for next year.

They showed us a shot for a very short amount of time. A lot of people blatantly had cameras out, so they did not keep him up long and lo, did my camera decide to refocus at a really inopportune moment...

So yes, that photo is rubbish. Someone will have gotten a better one - a lot of people were snapping at that moment. It's Horus, and he looks pretty awesome.

Book 3 will be called Extermination. They are aiming for Easter-ish next year. It is part 2 of Istvaan V, but also includes the Battle of Phall (Iron Warriors vs Imperial Fists) and the First Battle of Paramar. Only one person there knew what the battle of Paramar was...

Book 3 will include the Raven Guard, the Iron Warriors, the Alpha Legion and the Imperial Fists. It will also include the Legio Gryphonicus and the Legio Fureans (maybe, my handwriting is a squiggle then) AKA the Tiger Eyes. Impressively, someone in the audience correctly quoted that they first appeared in White Dwarf 109 and that Tony had designed their original colour scheme...

After Book 3 comes the next trilogy: Prospero, Signus and Calth. Prospero will include the Custodes and Sisters of Silence. Signus is a battle between the Blood Angels and Demons, and will also include some Dark Angels on "Sarun"? (may be wrong, again, can't find correct spelling on the internet.)

Calth will include Ultramarines against the Word Bearers, but also include some traitor Imperial Army.

This was then the end of the seminar presentation, and moved on to general questions, which I will cover in my next post.

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