Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Road Trip! Duxford: Land War and a Blackbird

Duxford also has a nice "Land War" section, where as a Guard player, I'm inclined to take a lot of photographs...

Of course, being me, I'm also inclined to take random photos of piles of boxes.

Or close ups of bits of interesting weathering.

Wider picture of the actual tank.

The photo doesn't really give an indication of quite how large this truck is!

And here's a smaller one that was an interesting shape.

Remote controlled exploding thingy. Didn't work well. Games Workshop do a Death Korps version. It is also rather flawed an ineffective rules wise...

Odd looking utility vehicles might be a particular interest...

There was also a small model of fighting in the Bocage to indicate how easy it was to miss things not very far away.

Only thing I took photos of in the American hangar was the Blackbird.

No really good angles to get a good shot, as it's backlit by the huge windows.

This was about the best I could manage in the circumstances!


  1. That's it, now I need to put up a post of my own pics from my visit.

    Nice selection of subjects though. The American Hanger was still getting set-up when I was there. Bloody impressive stuff though!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. You've reminded me I was planning to go back sometime it's been a while😀

  3. That 'odd-looking' one is, I think, an (unarmoured) quad tractor...very Guard!