Monday 5 September 2016

Tale of Gamers: End of August Report

Some of you may recall I'm engaged in a bit of a painting challenge with James from Gonzo History Gaming. You can see how well he did in August here.

Target for end of August: 10 painted Forsaken.

Achieved at end of August: 1 painted Forsaken.

Only one number out!

It turns out, these Forsaken, while beautiful miniatures, are super, super fiddly and awkward to paint - making it more time consuming than I expected. I've finished off one, and will keep plugging through the other nine as time goes on. But September is a busy month, so I'm not going to try and catch up and do September's commitment at the same time!

The good news is that the Marauder unit is assembled on schedule and ready for paint. These are much simpler sculpts so should be quite achievable in the time available.

Meanwhile, the Chaos Spawn have very pretty bases finished, but I should probably finish assembling the actual models...

So, looking at the list, what am I aiming to have painted by the end of the month?

Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic Mount
10 Chaos Marauders
10 Chaos Warriors
10 Forsaken
2 Chaos Spawn

I also hope to have the Chaos Warriors assembled and ready to paint for October's part of the challenge.


  1. Is it just lack of spare time (I am cheating a little bit in that August is quite a slow month for me, but September ought to be pretty hectic), or do you think there are inefficiencies in your system?

    1. Oh, there's three things. Lack of time, inefficient systems, and lack of quality time (being wiped out from work doesn't leave you in a good place for art).

    2. Mmm. The distinction between all time and quality time is an important one!