Thursday, 10 May 2018

Salute 2018: A Demo of Moonstone

For my final post about Salute 2018, I thought I'd write up our experience of playing a couple of turns of Moonstone. This was the demo game that caused us to end up accidentally kind of buying teh game. Alongside, of course, the fact you get a flatulent goblin knight riding a pug.

They had a beautifully set up board for demo games with a few figures a side.

Each figure comes with their own card, and you have tokens to spend as action points. Some actions can cost more than one point. You get a move, then each additional step is an action point - this means that you can push a little bit further if you need to, but it's not ideal.

You drop a bunch of D4s at the start of the game - they represent Moonstones buried under the earth, with the number representing how deep they are buried. The objective is to get as many Moonstones as possible.

For the demo game, I charged forward and over extended, meaning that my poor goblin knight got beaten up by a giant - although the knight did manage to cause everyone damage with a particularly toxic bout of flatulence!

It was great fun, and there's a few different factions available. It was on sale at Salute and I believe it will be on general release soon.

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