Cypher and Friends

I've been interested in doing some Fallen since the Advent Calendar dataslate that allowed Cypher and some Fallen as a formation.

I'm incredibly pleased with the fact this is still viable in 8th edition.

I've got Cypher's old metal model assembled and ready for paint.

Model wise, I have a pile of Horus Heresy bits from Forge World from a couple of bits site sales. One Death Guard or Night Lord head in among a normal squad will not look hugely out of place but give them a definite impression of being more unique.

I'll eventually go for the full three squads, with all the plasma guns - this is both effective in combat and fits in well with the Dark Angels relationship with Plasma weapons. It also gives a bit of a nod back to the old Crusade era support squads.

I've got a box of Dark Angels Veterans and a box of the old Chaos Marines. I want to go pretty light on chaos iconography for the Fallen, as my idea is to make them more "Renegades" than "Chaos Marines". But I do want to pick up the new Chaos Marine box.

Paint scheme wise, I'm back to being open about how they're painted. I probably should do some test paints!

Current state of play

Cypher: Undercoated and ready for painting.

Fallen: Purchased

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