Sunday, 29 October 2017

Pottering about doing a little hobby

I've spent the week pottering about doing some bits and pieces of hobby. A couple of my Infinity figures have picked up some dings. Mostly, it's the loss of the brass etch fire arc markers, particularly when they were the first ones I ever put on.

I also took the opportunity to assemble all those zombies I ordered from Anvil. I made sure everything got thoroughly washed and laid out to dry. I've even bought myself a new bowl to do this in so I don't get (rightfully) told off for using baking bowls for cleaning resin.

The Anvil stuff goes together super easily. Most of the joins don't need any pinning at all, but there's a few points where I get a bit nervy and decide to do a little re-inforcement.

I was also using Anvil's Hypercity base toppers. They're pretty darned awesome, but do sometimes leave a little of the base showing, so I used my favouritest thing in the world - the Vallejo red basing paste - to add a little texture there.

It seemed like no time at all before all five women zombies were assembled ready for undercoating.

I took advantage of the clear weather to get other undercoating done as well - a bunch of Infinity figures also got a quick Corax White undercoat spray as well.

You'll notice one zombie is missing here - sadly I managed to break one before undercoating, and ended up having to pin several components together to fix my ham fistedness. The glue on her is still drying, but she should be ready for undercoating by tomorrow - though I'm betting the weather is going to be terrible for weeks now...


  1. Always good to see more progress !

    1. Yup! Looking forward to getting some painting in again.