Sunday, 15 October 2017

Zombie Night at Anvil

Last Thursday night, I went down to Anvil Industry for Zombie Night. It was the night before Friday the 13th, and Anvil were planning on releasing their new zombie regiments the following day. Sadly, the female zombies, were still in the mould at the time I arrived, so I didn't get to paint those.

Between us, we were aiming to get fifty zombies painted in an evening, and play a game with them. In the end, we "only" managed to get 46 done, but we were close!

With it having been so long since I was last painting, it took me a little while to get back into the swing of things. I also made a few mistakes, like leaving a spot of white on this one's arm!

Still, it was nice to play around with different painting techniques and colours, if in a rather hurried way. For the first four, I base coated, then did a light bone drybrush over the entire model for highlights, before adding ink washes for detailing.

Of the first four, I'm especially proud of the effect I managed on the visor on this one, although the coat and goggles on the first one I showed are also pretty darned excellent.

For my second batch of three, I tried something different again - doing a light Nuln Oil wash over the entire model before brushing on the colours. I quite liked this technique and I'd like to experiment with it a bit more in the future.

This zombie was all fashionable with his white shoes and yellow jacket before he got bitten.

The spot where the blue has bled into the yellow is incredibly annoying, but I was working really quickly and often not waiting for paints to dry...

And here's the final zombie of the seven I painted in the evening. I then handed them over to someone else to mass paint the bases and get them on to the game.

The zombie hordes assemble...

One of the other painters had managed to get ten military zombies done in the same time I'd done seven!

We then added the horde to one of Anvil's lovely demo boards, where they were also showing off their police car that they'd wired to have flashing lights.

As the game started, heroes rallied around the police car to try and hold off the zombie horde before they could escape.

And here we leave our brave zombies, watching as the murderous "survivors" flee in the distance, slaughtering any innocent undead they come across...