Thursday 19 October 2017

War of the Worlds V at "ibuywargames"

So, on Saturday I headed down to Woking with a whole bunch of the Infinity players from HATE to do some of this ITS tournament stuff. Unfortunately, a booking mix up meant that the tournament had to relocate from the local Conservative Club to the ibuywargames store, but everyone was very accomodating and it went off without any further hitches.

I was running Corregidor for the first time ever. In the end, I only ever used one of the two lists, which basically consisted of a full Senor Massacre Jaguar link, my always loved Lunokhod, a smattering of specialists and a Haris link of Wildcats with a Spitfire.

First up was Transmission Matrix against generic Nomads. My plan had always been to run a simple Alguacile Hacker to do some cheap annoying AROs against Hackers until she died, while my opponent was running Zoe and Pi-Well and two Interventors. After one careless move of Pi-Well in range of a repeater wasted a co-ordinated order as the plan was urgently changed to "reset", my Hacker was squished like a bug.

The smoke or eclipse options of the Jaguar link was excellent, and meant I could selectively decide whether I was going to keep the board open for my Intruder, or shut it down for my opponent's. My Intruder had an excellent moment himself when a Vertigo Zond landed on the ground near the roof he was hiding on, and he destroyed it with a speculative fire grenade. I could just imagine, as the model was prone, the veteran troop sighing, casually lobbing a grenade over the wall, and nodding at a job well done at the sound of a breaking remote...

Sadly, my opponent had muddled up "explosive" ammunition and blast templates, so his Tsyklon with Feuerbach was a teensy bit better than it actually is, but it seemed like an honest mistake. I never managed to catch up with him after lunch to let him know once I realised. In my game, however, it managed not to change anything due to my Jaguar link's tendency to not roll under an 18 for armour saves. In the end, Senor Massacre held the centre objective in close combat with a rival Jaguar to squeak me a 5-4 win despite almost everyone of my models being dead.

After a delicious lunch at the Korean Restaurant next door we headed back to play Hunting Party. This is a new mission where you're trying to immobilise specialists and enemy Lieutenants, and your more elite troops all get issued with Adhesive Launchers. I was up against one of the other HATE residents, who was running Yu Jing.

I decided to start the exercise by dropping a Hellcat with Adhesive Launcher right behind his Lieutenant. Sadly, I couldn't thread the needle sufficiently to be completely undetected, and some warnings meant enough models turned around that I'd only have one shot at gluing the Lieutenant. The Hellcat missed and was reduced to a fine red smear by a lot of angry guns.

My Alguacile made it to one of the antennas, but couldn't activate it for any points. Meanwhile, my Lunokhod reduced a hacker to a smouldering pile of ash.

Senor Massacre and friends made it up the field, but when the time came for the final run at the Lieutenant, he couldn't quite land his E/M grenade and was instead glued in place. A mistake in the placement of my Lieutenant meant a Tiger Soldier was able to drop down and glue her in the back. This left me with a thorough 8-0 kicking.

Battle three was Comms Centre against Yu Jing. Nine antennae to flip to your side, with the aim of getting more than your opponent -while taking out your opponents specialists and designated target, preferably with your "data tracker". My Wildcat Haris did a lot of work here as the Spitfire "data tracker" gunned down the designated target and anyone else foolish enough to stick their heads out for a good while.

My Hellcat managed to stuff his landing this time and was shot to pieces after landing in the open near way too many people...

The careless placing of a couple of specialists meant my opponent was in the lead with specialists, and I was in real trouble...

An Oniwaban materialising in my backfield and murdering my engineer did not help the situation - but I was able to set him on fire before he could kill my designated target (who you can see in the corner here).

With all my specialists dead, I resorted to brute violence and killed enough of his models to put him into retreat, preventing him from pressing any more of those pesky console buttons to take the lead, leaving us tied at 5-5.

In the end, I ended up 13th out of 20. I won some Nomad transfers I've been wanting to pick up for a while, and also some more Antenocitis Workshop brass etch, because you can never have enough...

I'd definitely recommend the ibuywargames tournaments to anyone who plays Infinity. They're good fun, and more welcoming than you might expect. While people are competitive, its in a friendly way, and not in a way that would leave you with a feel bad experience. Hopefully I'll see some of my readers at the Totally Crit Open X2 this coming weekend...

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