Sunday, 1 October 2017

Where the hell have you been?

Well, I haven't posted since late July, which is a bit unusual for me. Painting has kind of fallen by the wayside - I haven't really painted since July when I posted my work in progress of the models I was playing around with, and the last model I finished was Teddy back in May.

So, this is part of the problem. The dining table where I do my painting is still a bit of a state - although I at least got it to the point where my beloved wife could have her half back for a her knitting machine.

Of course, I needed to pile all this up to clear that space, so I can't really get to my hobby space at all. There's probably too many projects that will never be started, let alone finished, so perhaps I should have a bit of a clear out...

What's been good hobby wise is that I've been managing to keep regular games up. Unfortunately, the battle reports take a lot of time to process and write up well, so I've had ten Infinity games since I last blogged - seven HATE League games, and three at a tournament down at Wayland Games.

I may summarise a few, as it's been quite a while since some of them and I may not be able to accurately remember them!

The Wayland tournament on the first day of the Infinity Season 9 has led to a small bit of comedy - for a brief, brief moment I was ranked 24th at Infinity in the UK, as you have to play a game that season to rank in ITS.

That's all I've got for now. Hopefully I'll be back soon enough with some interesting hobby content...


  1. Good to see you are at least gaming regularly!

  2. The league has been really good for regular gaming, while not being too demanding to the point where I start missing rounds and losing motivation. It looks like a game every three weeks is pretty much perfect for me.