Thursday, 19 April 2018

HATE Infinity League 2018: Corregidor vs Acontecimento, Looting & Sabotage

HATE is once more descending into the chaos and mayhem of a League - this time organised by the fearsome Riker. This one is a full on ITS tracked League...

With most of my Corregidor now assembled, I decided to stick with them for the League and try and get as many practice games in with them as possible. You will see a few other games up on the blog, as I've got some other things recently I'm wanting to try out, but for the most part, I want to try and improve my play by sticking with this sub faction as much as possible.

First game, and I'm drawn against Yashar. Now, Yashar is Really Rather Good at Infinity, but has only done one ITS tournament. He's started up a Shock Army of Acontecimento as a break from his usual MRRF, and they're already beautifully painted.

The mission chosen is Looting and Sabotage, and knowing that the Acontecimento TAGs are much better than the Nomad ones, I decide to rely on punchy close combat with smoke to try and get to the AC2.

On the left, I threw down the Jaguar link, with the Intruder HMG nearby, and a few Alguacile order generators.

In the middle, the Lunokhod covered the objective with two Crazy Koalas in an inconvenient spot for anyone want to try and hit the buttons, even if they were under smoke.

Finally on the right, the Haris Wildcat link with HRL and Assault Hacker covered this flank, with a doctor behind a wall nearby to run around and sort them out when they invariably got smooshed.

My reserve model was McMurrough. I've not used him before, so I avoided making him my data tracker in case he got easily smushed. One of the Jaguars got that honour. The basic plan was for McMurrough to run up the table, punch as many long ranged ARO pieces to death as possible, and leave the second turn open for me to head up the table and hit the AC2.

He did OK at getting up the table, picking up an MSV1 Visor from the Panoply on his way past, but his intuitive attacking of the Regular Sniper resulted in him eating a Critical Stun, leaving him unable to do any more attacks that turn.

My Intruder HMG stepped out using all the midfield smoke and neutralised the second sniper and an unfortunate Fugazi that was hanging out from cover a little too much.

The Jaguars took advantage of the remaining orders to start their swing up the board for turn two, and I left the Panzerfaust in a nice awkward spot with a good view across the board in case anything started working it's way up - in particular I was looking suspiciously at the Guarda de Assalto...

I decided to try and neutralise the surviving sniper with the Wildcat Haris link. The HRL has a pretty good range, so I moved it up for a shot.

Unfortunately, I'd misjudged the range, was over 32" and in a terrible position, so my HRL lost the firefight and ended up with her brains splattered all over the asphalt... With a few models thrown into suppressive fire, it was time for the second round.

A Bagh-Mari HMG walked out to get into a gun fight with McMurrough out of chain rifle range. Fortunately, McMurrough has a good throwing arm and live grenades as well as the smoke ones. Yashar had a bit of a panicked moment as grenade damage started splashing onto the link  team, but they incoveniently made the necessary armour saves. McMurrough was now injured and in a risky spot.

Another burst from the HMG as the Bagh-Mari hastily moved out of the blast range of the link, and McMurrough was down. An Akali Sikh Commando came on the side and put the Panzerfaust Jaguar Dogged, and the rest of the turn was models positioning for turn two - a helper bot heading up to repair the Fugazi, and the Guarda de Assalto

The Akali Sikh commando had an inconvenient "not dying" problem, costing me seven orders and another Jaguar.

The sniper just wouldn't dislodge - a vain attempt to use a Wildcat in the hope of getting lucky was of no use.

The Alguacile might have had better luck if I'd had enough orders to move him up to a closer firing position, but I shot from further away and he also got sniped out.

The Guarda then advanced and took out the Lunokhod to disable the Koalas. There was a short and panicked pause while he melted my Wildcat Assault Hacker's brain, but it didn't take long before he could advance.

I dropped Senor Massacre into suppression in the vain hope of doing something useful, but a carefully placed Eclipse Grenade put paid to my efforts and I took an 8-0 win, with a 270-80 split on Victory Points.

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