Monday, 16 April 2018

Salute Summary

At the weekend, I headed down to Salute for a teensy bit of retail therapy. I missed last year because of LARP, so was super keen to see what was about.

Eureka Miniatures were over as usual from Australia. I was after picking up a couple more of their weird Chaos range, which uses Hieronymous Bosch as an inspiration.

Sadly, they didn't have any painted examples for me to show off, so I decided to take a couple of photos of these wonderful retro cars which might be of interest to people who play Gaslands... Apparently it's their "Mad Maximillian" range...

My wife Sim and I sat down to play a quick demo game of Moonstone, which is a skirmish game that Kickstartered recently and is about to go retail. We utterly loved it and ended up picking up a box or two to play with.

 This table is all 3D printed scenery, which as an Infinity player I was super interested about. The company is called Thunder Chrome. You can't buy their stuff from a store - only the 3D printed files from their site. You then print the scenery yourself.

 One of the demo games was an amazing zombie game set at Salute! I sadly didn't see who was running it, though.

Anvil Industry have a Kickstarter at the moment for some amazing sci fi women. You should totally check it out! They're called the Daughters of the Burning Rose and I was really impressed by the quality of what they had on display. I hope to have another more detailed post up shortly.

Next up was the Extraordinary Laser Company, who are running a Kickstarter for pre-painted terrain called "Desecration City".

It looks pretty nice, and is well suited to 40K games in particular. They've also got some nice stuff from a previous Kickstarter you can buy from their website now.

I was drawn to this large and imposing display because pirate ships are always cool.

Even inside, there were lights and well painted figures. The display was amazing!

It's apparently for a game called Briskars which has just been translated into English.

There were also a couple of Kickstarters I liked which I abjectly failed to get photos of. The first was this one by the Laser Terrain Co. They'll be launching on 19 April.

You've also probably already heard about the Artis Opus Kickstarter to make some fancy new brushes. They've sent a bunch of stuff out to much better painters than me whose opinions probably matters much more. All I can add to those recommendations is that their brush soap smells pretty nice. ;-)

With Salute done, all that was left was to retire to the Docksider for a quiet civilised meal before home time...

A review of my ill gotten gains will follow shortly...


  1. Did you get better picts of those cars ? I hope not, as my budget will not stand it.

    1. I did not, but their website, complete with pictures, is here:

      This is like helping, right?

  2. Sorry not to have seen you there. Got to say Salute appeared to be a lot busier this year, but I didn't really didn't buy a lot, as I didn't go with any real expectations and wasn't inspired by anything I saw apart from Bushido which had a few stunning display miniatures - might have to give it a miss next year :(

    1. I mostly go to socialise these days - although saying that, I did seem to incidentally buy rather a lot of stuff...