Monday, 30 April 2018

Salute 2018 Purchases

So, with a spring in my step, I set out across the mystical halls of Salute to find treasures to return home with. What bounty might I discover?

The bag I was handed at the door already came with a souvenir miniature and a free dice. Already up!

First stop was Northumbrian Tin Soldier, where I had pre-ordered some lovely new goblins. Yes, more goblins. I thought if I got it out of the way early, I might not go too mad again... I also got a free gift of a badge, which I thought was a nice touch.

Next up was Eureka Miniatures, where I wanted to pick up a couple more oddnesses from their chaos range. I ended up with these beauties.

My wife and I then got a demo of a game called Moonstone, which we both really enjoyed and ended up picking the core box for. I took a few photos of the demo game, so I'll put them up shortly in a separate blog post.

I remember seeing the Kickstarter for this when it came out, but I was on a crowdfunding ban at the time. The figures are definitely a style I appreciate, and I'm looking forward to getting them painted up and playing some games!

While queuing to pay for Moonstone, I noticed that Troll Trader, who were the distributor, had got a little laser cut laser cutter as their event exclusive, so I kind of had to get one! I mean, you can't blame me, can you?

One of the stands I wandered past was "Awesome 3D Printing", who 3D print things for other wargaming companies. I didn't get a shot of their stand, but they gave me a free keyring, so the least I can do is link their site.

I then wandered by the Warploque stand. The original plan was just to drop by and say hi as I haven't assembled the stuff from their first Kickstarter yet...

But then I saw the Mjowls, and they were just adorable and I had to own them...

Then a quick trip to the Anvil Industry stand (obligatory Kickstarter plug) to say hello and pick up their show only miniatures... So I now have a werewolf and a political commissar type, which is excellent.

I then got a text from my darling wife. We have, for some years, had a rule that until we bought a property, she was not to buy a titan. She's broken this rule a few times so far, with "Knight Titans Don't Really Count", "They're Smallish Eldar Ones So It's Not That Bad" and "An Ordinatus Isn't a Titan" (OK, I deserve that last technicality)...

But a few weeks before Salute, we'd bought a flat. So . . . technically, she was allowed to buy a Titan. She did, however, acknowledge that this was lightly taking the piss, and some level of light bribery was necessary for me not to give her grief about this forever and a day. Negotiations occurred, and I was allowed two significant purchases...

She was also buying herself a Termite, and agreed to buy me one as a present as well. I have some cunning plans for this that I'm looking forward to doing, but they will remain secret for now. The casting quality on these kits is also really excellent, and there's a lot less flash than I recall from other Forge World kits I've bought of late.

I have been looking super thoughtfully at the Heresy Giant for a while now. Heresy put out some amazing kits, so I'd really recommend, of any of the kits I've linked here, you go and check their stuff out. Andy who runs Heresy is good people, almost an institution of the small hobby businesses out there, and it's well work grabbing a purchase of something.

My other large purchase at Salute was a selection of pre-painted 4Ground scenery, for my planned Infinity table in the new place. There was a bit of a discount if you spent certain amounts so I grabbed a few pieces of scatter to hit the threshold.

I had a few pounds left in my pocket, so I pottered by the Fenris Games stand and got just one more goblin.

I really do have a goblin problem, don't I?


  1. Blimey that is quite a haul!

    When are you planning to build an extension on the new flat? ;0)

  2. A really nice set of purchases there! Looking forward to seeing more of them on the blog.

    1. There may be a little bit of lead time, but plans are definitely afoot!