Imperial Guard

My Imperial Guard are my longest standing army, which I've had since I was at school. I only really got any of them painted (with my wife's help) for a Throne of Skulls event many years ago. Since then I started expanding the army myself, painting things up a unit at a time.

I had tried to expand the army with an extra 2,000 points during the 2014 Independent Characters' Hobby Progress Challenge, but that failed less than halfway through as I ran out of momentum once I hit my first major road block.

I tried one game of 8th edition, and now we've hit 9th edition. The army is paused while I wait and see what the new Guard Codex looks like for play. I don't want to paint up a ton of stuff then realise I've painted stuff that doesn't work any more, or isn't any good.

Here's where I currently am:


Commissar Yarrick: Metal Model owned, bad paint job, needs redoing.

Company Command Squad: DONE

Lord Castellan Creed: Not owned

Colour Sergeant Kell: Not owned

Colonel 'Iron Hand' Straken: Not owned

Nork Deddog: Not owned

Tank Commander: Owned

Knight Commander Pask: Not owned

Lord Commissar: DONE

Commissar: DONE

Priest: DONE

Primaris Psyker: DONE
Current one has illegal weapons load out. Own a second with legal weapons who needs painting.

Enginseer: Owned (started painting, then stalled. Now needs rebasing.)

Servitors: Own some, probably need to sort out what to do with them in the new rules.


Platoon Command Squad: DONE

Infantry Squad: DONE

Heavy Weapons Squad: DONE
Well, some are - need to get the rest painted up!

Special Weapons Squad: Not owned

Conscripts: DONE
Probably want to update and replace at some point soon.

Veterans: DONE
No longer have a legal weapons load out - need to consider new options.

Sergeant Harker: Not owned

Dedicated Transports

Chimera: DONE
But have more to do at some point

Taurox: Owned

Taurox Prime: Owned


Ogryns: Owned

Bullgryns: Not owned

Ratlings: DONE
But two squads more available to paint at some point

Wyrdvane Psykers: Mostly painted, but need some work before playable

Militarum Tempestus Command Squad: Owned

Militarum Tempestus Scions: DONE

Fast Attack

Scout Sentinel Squad: Painted, need touching up and basing

Armoured Sentinel Squad: DONE

Rough Riders: Painted, need repairs

Hellhound Squadron: One DONE, One assembled, one more to buy

Devil Dog: Not bought

Bane Wolf: Not bought

Valkyrie: DONE
(Another needs finishing and repairs)

Vendetta: Painted, needs repairs

Heavy Support

Leman Russ: 2 Battle Tanks, 1 Demolisher and 1 Executioner DONE, 1 Battle Tank Assembled, 1 other tank owned
Aiming for a tank company eventually

Hydra Battery: DONE
Would like to get some open topped ones

Basilisk Battery: DONE
Needs a small repair.

Wyvern Battery: Not bought

Manticore: DONE

Deathstrike: Not bought

Super Heavies

Baneblade: Not bought

Storm Lord: Not bought

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