Monday 31 May 2021

Otherworld Unicorn

While I was trying to finish up some of my Shasvastii and a half finished Otherworld Lantern Bearer, I threw some paint on the Otherworld Unicorn I had lying around.

Of course, that means I've finished the unicorn and not the models I was meaning to do. It's a simple contrast job with a bit of dry-brushing.

I did use the new STC brushes from Games Workshop, and I really quite like them. I'm going to see how long they last before I decide if I recommend them or not . . .

Wednesday 26 May 2021

Work in Progress Wednesday: Runewars Wood Elf Archers

I was rummaging around the Bad Squiddo Games Bargain Bin when I came across a bunch of old Runewars models at a massive discount. Runewars was an attempt at a mass battle game that kind of flopped and has now stopped production.

The four elves above came in a box of eight with duplicate sculpts. I'm planning on using them for things like D&D or Frostgrave and don't need the duplicates so plan on selling them off down the club once I've finished assembling all the models with duplicates - but I need to finish making them first as there's only one instruction booklet!

Monday 24 May 2021

Sisters by Squiggle's Studio

A while back I commissioned Squiggle's Studio to paint up all the Sisters of Battle I had lying around. They're now back and I'm looking forward to trying a game with them once it's safe to do so.

The core of it was the Sisters of Battle Army box that they did when they released the new plastics. I asked for them to be painted in the colours of the Ebon Chalice so my Future Narrative Plans (TM) of a force running around the underhives of Terra make sense.

I asked Mike from Squiggle's Studio to base the paint scheme on a tutorial by Secrets of the Void. It wasn't a painting technique he'd used before. He seemed to have fun with it, though.

There were a couple of limited figures GW had done that I got done as well. I need to look at the new Codex when it comes out to work out if I'll use them as squad leaders or as Palatines. I might be tempted in future to come back to these later and maybe detail up the faces a little more on some of the characters. There's nothing wrong with what Mike's done, for reference. I just have that little voice in my head saying I should tweak things ever so slightly. Bad control freak inner voice! No biscuit!

This is the canoness from the Sisters Army box - one of three canonesses I got painted. There's more models than I can fit into one blog post, so they'll go up in future weeks.

Here's the Seraphim. I don't know how good the jumpy girls are in the current edition, but I guess I'll need to get a game in to find out . . .

Wednesday 19 May 2021

Work in Progress Wednesday: Celestial Ballistar

Another model from the Mortal Realms magazines I've got assembled now. This is the Stormcast Eternal Celestial Ballistar, their field artillery option. I used a bit from the Shattered Dominion Basing Kit for the Ballistar to break up the base a bit.

With the latest deliveries of Mortal Realms magazines I ordered, I think I now have everything I need for a bargain basement cheap playable Stormcast force. Once I've finished some more Shasvastii, I think I'll look to get these finished up for when we're allowed outside again.

Monday 17 May 2021

The Doctor is in the house!

In a stunning exception to recent form, ya boi has finished painting some models! From a force he actually plays!! I am very excited.

This is the Med-Tech Obsidon Medchanoid, from the Combined Army in Infinity. As the Combined Army have such a variety of different alien races, no-one was able to learn all their varied biologies. Ever-resourceful, the EI decided to vat grow it's doctors instead, and program their brains directly from various biology and medical text books. Problem solved! It comes with two bio-mechanical drone units it can remotely control to heal at a distance without risking itself.

Wednesday 12 May 2021

Work in Progress Wednesday: Frostgrave Gnolls

The last of the Frostgrave Gnolls I picked up from the Bad Squiddo Bargain Bin.

Back row, left to right: Gnoll Templar, Gnoll Knight, Gnoll Barbarian

Front Row, left to right: Gnoll Thief, Gnoll Apothecary, Gnoll Marksman

With the variety of weapons and characters, they'll also be excellent for Dungeons and Dragons NPCs or even characters...

Monday 10 May 2021

Mental Clutter

The plan for April was to finish up half finished stuff. I managed to paint . . . a halfling. And I managed to start . . . a whole bunch more stuff.


Still, I was super pleased to get the Fenris Kickstarter preview models all painted up before the Kickstarter ended.

I am definitely getting less finished because of how many half finished things are sitting around. Having a couple of things to switch between does speed me up, but having piles of them slows me down. I guess it's all about getting the right balance.

So, no new models today because I didn't finish anything more over the weekend, despite intending to. Maybe I'll get some sorted by next week.

Saturday 8 May 2021

Fenris Toadstool Brownies: Troupe Brownie with Fish

I managed to finish up the last of the Fenris Games Toadstool Brownie Kickstarter models I was sent as a preview this morning!

There’s only a few hours left to go on the Kickstarter, so if you want fine upstanding citizens like these adorable menaces on your gaming table, you should go and back it now...

Wednesday 5 May 2021

Fenris Games Toadstool Brownies: Brownie Militia

I got a second model from the Toadstool Brownie Kickstarter painted up.

As before, I was sent this model free to promote the Kickstarter.

He's a Brownie Militia model, with an heirloom weapon of the village.

If I'd had a little more time, I think I'd have added a bit more contrast and brighter colours to him, but I wanted to get him done before the Kickstarter was over. Please do take a moment to go and check it out and maybe pick something up from it!

Monday 3 May 2021

Fenris Games: Toadstool Brownies Kobold Smasher

This adorable little miscreant is a Kobold Smasher from the Fenris Games Toadstool Brownies Kickstarter that's currently going on. For full disclosure, I was sent him free as a promotion for me to paint up for the blog, along with two Brownies I haven't finished yet because I am a slacker.

He was a single piece metal model and needed practically no clean up whatsoever. I think he's taken paint really well - I used a mixture of Contrast and traditional paints to get him done. There's only a few days left on the Kickstarter campaign, so if you have the free funds, please do head on over there and back it!