Thursday 29 November 2018


Yet more miniatures painted by someone who isn't me! Here's my first batch of goblins by Brushchewer Inc. Once I've found the light box I'll take some better photographs.

This definitely proves my idea that a bundle of goblins from different miniatures from different manufacturers painted in a unified scheme really do look excellent as a motley horde of troublemakers.

I just need to have a serious think if I want to go through with an entire army of them given my current priorities.

I've just received notification that my copy of the Infinity book Third Offensive has arrived, complete with a complementary Libertos Freedom Fighter, so that's a twentieth model purchased, but 20 painted goblins is definitely starting to catch up!

Hopefully the weekend will allow me to get some painting done myself...

Models Painted: 30
Models Purchased: -20

Monday 26 November 2018

Holiday and game demos

We had a week off this past week, and wandered the country doing relaxing things and catching up with friends and family. As part of this we spent a few days in Nottingham and had a little time in Warhammer World. I managed to get a little hobby assembly done, starting on the Warhammer Heroes models I have.

We managed to fit in a couple of demos. I’d also previously got a demo of Warhammer Underworlds in. So, what’s the report?

Blackstone Fortress

We got a lovely demo with me playing the Rogue Trader and Sim playing the stompy robot. Sim found it a bit too fiddly for her liking, but I loved it, and the solo play means I’ll still be able to get in a campaign of it. Firmly on my “to purchase” list.

Adeptus Titanicus

We had a stripped down demo of two Warlords blasting seven bells out of each other. Definitely a longer game, but the core mechanics are simple and easy to remember. Likely we’ll be able to justify setting up a game table and playing a turn a night over the course of a week. Will be getting more Titans and Knights, definitely.

Warhammer Underworlds

Played this one without Sim, but also been reinforced to pick this up. A well balanced game with slick mechanics and a low model count. This one is a good quick “get a game in” option.

Only managed to assemble one Marine in Bugmans in the end due to catching up with various people. Still, it was good to catch up with various folk and my hobby keen is strong!

Thursday 22 November 2018

Stay on Target - Blackstone Fortress

I’ve been looking with much interest at the recent “Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress” release. However, I’m still not up to target with my painting goals, so it’s going to have to wait. Really don’t want to buy it just to have it sit on my shelf - we’ve only got so much shelf space!

With forty something models in the box, it’ll be a while before I buy this - possibly after I’ve got Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower painted!

Monday 19 November 2018

Druze Reinforcements

I was super pleased to pick up another batch of painted Druze from Aodhan, who is sadly about to take a break from commission painting. If anyone knows a reliable commission painter who is good with an airbrush and has some free time over Christmas, do shout!

With a good ten models painted, we’re off zero on the painting challenge, now sitting at 10/19 for painted to bought. Progress! I also went to a tournament at the weekend, and was able to field the majority of my forces painted. Another batch, and pretty much all the essentials will be done.

I’ll take some more close ups later (likely next year) when I find my photo light box.

Monday 12 November 2018

Why you shouldn’t use the wrong tool for the job


By Sunday evening, we'd finally unpacked enough boxes that we could reach the hobby bench, and I thought it would be nice to get going on some scenery. I picked up the "ST Ryza-Pattern Ruins" from Dark Sphere for the bargain price of £14 some time ago, and thought it would be good to start getting scenery sorted for the new gaming table.

You get four sprues with two designs - enough for two sets of five pieces of scenery.

And this is where the "wrong tool" problem came in. With not everything unpacked, getting the scenery pieces off the sprue with a scalpel was a huge amount of work. Don't get me wrong, the kit itself was very nice - a bit mould line heavy, but nothing that a bit of cleaning wouldn't fix.

As you can see, each piece cleaned up pretty well - it was just getting them off the sprue that was taking forever.

After an hour, I'd only managed to get two pieces off the sprue and cleaned up.

As I took my lunch break, my darling wife then told me where a pair of clippers were hidden. We got the remaining eight pieces done in an hour and a half between us - easily half the time the first two pieces took, even allowing for two people.

So, folks, the lesson here is definitely to use the right tool for the job. I just scientifically proved it so you don't have to make the same mistakes...

Also, the Ryza ruin kit is excellent value for money and a good way of adding some cheap scatter terrain to your table.

Progress Accountability Update:
  • Swapped Bagh-Mari Sniper for a Nisse Sniper (model neutral)
  • Box of Infinity stuff sent for assembly
  • Assembled the Ryza Ruins kit myself (with wifely help)
  • No new models bought
  • No new models painted
Painted / Purchased score: 0 / 19

Monday 5 November 2018

WIP Goblins from Brushchewer

As all is still boxes here in the land of the Responsible One, I thought I’d share some work in progress pictures I got from Brushchewer Inc, who are painting an assortment of my goblins at the moment.

There’s a good selection in the batch - the idea has always been that the army is a motley assortment of different body shapes of goblin brought together by a single paint scheme. You can see some Northumbrian Tin Soldier Nightfolk, a figure from GoblinAid and one from Atlantis Miniatures. I don’t recall where the drummer is from - he’s almost certainly a Kev Adams sculpt, but I don’t recall if he’s Crooked Claw or someone else!

Still, it’s always good to see some progress on miniatures you’ve sent off elsewhere! I can’t wait to see them back in person when they’re finished.