On the desk...

Next for Assembly:
Arcworlde Comic Kickstarter
Assorted Combined Army and O-12 Commission Assembly Tidy Ups

Being Assembled:
Assorted Combined Army

Next for Painting:
Wheelchair Adventurers Rogue
Battletech Griffin

Being Painted:
Warhammer Underworlds Beastgrave Scenery Pack

On Commission:
Stormcast Commission:
Knight Incantor
Knight Azyros
Ballistar and Crew
Lord Relictor
Stormsire's Cursebreakers
Lord Exorcist
Mortal Realms Knight Incantor
Lord Arcanum on Dracoline
7 Evocators on Dracolines
20 Judicators
Getting Started Lord Arcanum
Knight Zephyros
6 Vanguard Raptors
6 Aetherwings
Celestant Prime
Easy Build Celestar Ballistar
Leena Stormspire
Larissa Shadowstalker
Errant Questor
Knight Questor Dacian Anvil
Sylas Beastbane
Berek the Indomitable
Gotrek Gurnison
10 Vindictors
3 Praetors
Knight Vexilor
3 Annihilators
Knight Arcanum
Lord Imperant and Gryph Hound
Knight Venator
Knight Heraldor
Lord Ordinator
Steelheart's Champions
Lord Arcanum on Gryph Charger
Lord Celestant on Dracoth
Champions of Dreadfane Stormcast
Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set Stormcast

Very Random Things
Otherworld Summoning Elementalist
Heroes of Humblewood Gallus Druid
Runewars Elf Cavalry (2)
Bad Squiddo Adira Dark Champion
Circle of Chaos Brok
Circle of Chaos The Guardian

White Company Reinforcements
Contemptor Dreadnought
Varangian Guard (SMG)
Taowu Mastermind
Valerya Gromoz
ORC Feuerbach
PanOceania Dronbots (2)
Haidao Hacker
Dragon Lady HVT

Painted myself: 34
Purchased for me to paint: 197
Commission painted: 92
Purchased for commission painting: 14

Completed by me:
Defiance Turrets (3)
Shasvastii HVT: O-12 Infiltrator
Defiance Breaches (Taighas) (4)
Ikadrons (2)
Dragon Lady HVT
Seed Soldier with Combi Rifle
Nox Hacker
Victor Messer
Reaper "Candy, Anime Heroine"
Urban Construct Treasure Tokens (6)
Otherworld Miniatures Cockatrice
Miniatures Apprentice Dwarf Warrior
Frostgrave Gnoll Tracker and War Hyena (2)
Wolverine Battlemech
Otherworld Henchman
Heroines in Sensible Shoes Human Magic User
Fenris Games Giant Rats (4)
Shasvastii Noctifer Spitfire

Commission Painted
John Hawkwood
Runewars Elf Archers (4)
Reaper Bones Orc Shaman
Wizkids Human Fighter
Wizkids Human Wizards (2)
Wizkids Half Orc Barbarian (2)
Wild West Exodus Gun Dogs (2)
Wild West Exodus Attack Dog
Shona Carano
Nisse Sniper
Tiger Soldier Hacker
Limited Edition CSU
2 x Bulleteers
ORC Troops Box
Yu Jing Support Pack
Haidao Sniper
4 Spec Ops Figures for Proxies
Varangian Guard w/ Boarding Shotgun
Defiant Truth HVT
Djanbazan Sniper
Husam Spec Ops
Wild Bill
Leila Sharif
Jannisaries Box (4)
Djanbazan Box (3)
Tanko Zensenbutai (3)
2 Haqqislam Remotes
Paint Set Ghulam
Djanbazan Doctor
LE Primaris Lieutenant w/ Storm Shield
Primaris Chaplain
Phobos Librarian
Primaris Captain
Primaris Lieutenant
Kyria Draxus
Daemonifuge (2)
Kobold Smashers (6)
Kobold Stabbers (6)
Dire Marmots (4)
Wolf Puppers (3)
Paint Set Fusilier
New Kaplan Box (4)
Tiger Soldier Blister (2)
Nisses Blister (2)
Hero with a Triceratops Head
Hasslefree Inquisitor

Purchases for me to paint
Arcworlde Comic Kickstarter (16)
Reaper Chronoscope Candy, Anime Heroine
Dungeon Fiends Starter Set 1 (8)
Dungeon Fiends Freebie - 3 legged goblin
(Traded) Warhammer World Exclusive Orlock Champion & Gangers (3)
Enrieth - Female Harefolk Rogue
Battletech Beginner's Box (2)
Colony 87 Wave 4 (43)
Battletech: A Game of Armored Combat (8)
Bad Squiddo Alien Mound
Krakot Renegade
Daturazi Witch Soldiers (4)
Kurgats, Reg. of Assault Engineers (Autocannon)
Kurgats, Reg. of Assault Engineers (Boarding Shotgun)
Morat Aggression Force Starter (6)
Morat Vanguard Infantry box set (4)
Oznat, Morat Hunting Regiment (Vulkan Shotgun)
Raicho Armored Brigade
Raktorak, Morat Sergeant Major
Rodok, Armed Imposition Detachment (4)
Rodok, Armed Imposition Detachment (Missile Launcher)
Sogarat Tempest Regiment (HMG)
Suryats, Assault Heavy Infantry (4)
Yaogat Strike Infantry (4)
Yaogat Strike Infantry (MULTISniper)
Zerat Special Missions Reg. (Hacker, MULTISniper) (2)
Candy Cloud
Black Crab Kickstarter 4 (9)
Bronze Age: Ranveig
Bronze Age: Solveig
Bronze Age: Yngvild
Bronze Age: Vigdis
Bronze Age: Svanhild
Bronze Age: Gisle
Bronze Age: Olav
Bronze Age: Steinar
Bronze Age: Yngve
Bronze Age: Valde
Bronze Age: Trygve
Bronze Age: Great Orc 5
Bronze Age: Dwarf Zweihander
Bronze Age: Radomir, Dwarf Champion
Hasslefree Dynamic Conenne
Hasslefree Erisule Beldame
Hasslefree Zetta
Kobzar Soloveiko, Nightingale Bard
Blackmane Gnoll Ravager
Bhonk, Bugbear Fighter
Hakkle, Gnoll Ranger
Tunnels and Terrors (9)
Cassandra the Adventurer
Alice the Astronaut
Annie the Pack Handler
Tiefling Pirates (2)
Iron Maidens (3)
Free Bad Squiddo Street Sign (Construction Site)
Smashbash Corpulent Horrors (3)
Fenris Urn
Warzone Trencher
Reaper Human Fighter Brigette
4Ground Billboard
4Ground Star Battle Transmission Station
4Ground Project Utopia Ziguron 2
4Ground Project Utopia Mezaroom 2
4Ground Micro Star Battle Outpost Guard Tower
4Ground Micro Star Battle Outpost Supply Depot
4Ground Micro Star Battle Transmission Substation
Morat Aggression Forces Action Pack (9)
Dire Foes: Slave Trophy (3)
Limited Edition Tyrok Hunter
Perseus, Rogue Myrmidion
Raveneye Officer

Purchases for commission painting
5 Vanguard Veterans
Contemptor Dreadnought
Varangian Guard (SMG)
Taowu Mastermind
Valerya Gromoz
ORC Feuerbach
PanOceania Dronbots (2)
Haidao Hacker

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