On the desk...

Next for Assembly:
Arcworlde Comic Kickstarter
Assorted Combined Army and O-12 Commission Assembly Tidy Ups
Dungeons and Lasers
D&D Frameworks Mind Flayer
Celestant Prime Repair
Lord Arcanum on Gryph Charger Repair
20 Judicators Repair

Being Assembled:
Nothing Right Now

Next for Painting:
Battletech Griffin

Being Painted:
Nox Sniper
Nox Forward Observer
Cadmus Hacker
Heroines in Sensible Shoes: Halfling Rogue
Bronze Age Miniatures: Dagny, Female Viking Guard

On Commission:
Shieldbreaker Strike Force

White Company:
Peacemaker and Auxbot
Fusilier Support Box
Danavas Hacker

July - December 2022:
Painted myself: 17
Purchased for me to paint: 98
Commission painted: 18
Purchased for commission painting: 0

Painted by me:
Frostgrave Hyena
Anvil Industry Female Zombies (5)
Warhammer Underworlds Beastgrave Scenery Pack (6)
Sergeant Honks and Norbert Billington (2)
Heresy Miniatures: Evil Liche
Enrieth, Female Harefolk Rogue (Reaper Bones USA)
Heroines in Sensible Shoes: Human Cleric

Purchased for me to paint
Blood Bowl Chaos Mutations (3)
Blood Bowl Skaven Mutations (3)
Dungeon Fiends 2 (6)
Spiteclaw's Swarm (5)
Razorwing Flock
Khymerae (2)
Clawed Fiend
Fenris Wyrdworld 2 Characters (7)
Fenris Lotus Columns (2)
Fenris Blood Altar
Combined Army Starter Pack (6)
Nexus Operative Hacker
Female Warcor for O-12
Female Warcor for Nomads
Umbra Box (3)
Charontid with Plasma Rifle
Greif Operator
Combined Army Drone Remotes (3)
Battletech Timber Wolf TC
Battletech Hammerhead
Vindicare Assassin Umbral Six
Witches and Woods Kickstarter (5)
Dropzone Commander Scourge Trooper
Monster Fight Club Ice Wilds Miniatures (22)
Battletech Urbanmechs (2)
Azrakh the Annihilator
Mibyllor Darkfang (5)
Black Scorpion Fantasy Adventurers (7)

Commission Painted:
Varangian Guard (SMG)
Taowu Mastermind
Valerya Gromoz
ORC Feuerbach
PanOceania Dronbots (4)
Haidao Hacker
Dragon Lady HVT
Reaper Bones Hordlings (3)
Wizkids Hobgoblin Devastator and Iron Shadow (2)
Wizkids Arcanaloth and Ultraloth (2)