On the desk...

Next for Assembly:
Assorted Repairs
Battletech: A Game of Armored Combat (2nd Lance)

Being Assembled:
Bretonnian Men at Arms

Next for Painting:
Free 40K Beastman
Leftover Foundry Halflings

Being Painted:
3D Printed Civilians from Sheffield Satellite (4)

On Commission:
White Company:
Anaconda Squadron
Kunai Shock Marksman Rifle
Chaksa Long Arms
Motorised Bounty Hunter
Hatail Spec Op
Monstrucker Boarding Shotgun

Charity Commission 1
3D Printed Firbolg Fighter (Grumpy Gorilla)

Charity Commission 2
3D Printed Tiefling Fighter (Grumpy Gorilla)

2024 Paint Totals:
Painted myself: 12
Purchased for me to paint: 56
Commission painted: 33
Purchased for commission painting: 7
Bought for Stash: 586

Painted by me:
D&D Adventuring Party (5)
Battlemech Paint Job Fixes (2)
Mushroom I sculpted
Oathmark Dwarf Light Infantry Characters (2)
Combined Army Imetrons (2)

Commission Painted:
Mantic Northmen (10)
Westfalia Pride Knights Kickstarter (10)
Lucian Sforza
Jujak (4)
Miranda Ashcroft
John Hawkwood
Monstrucker SMG
Nokken Spitfire
Guija Pilot
Deathmatch Hunter (Beasthunter)

Purchased for me to paint:
Frameworks Human Fighter
Frameworks Tiefling Warlock
Frameworks Elf Ranger
Frameworks Human Fighter 2
Frameworks Tiefling Rogue
Frameworks Human Rogue
GW Free 40K Beastman
Pathfinder Legendary Cuts: Goblins (18)
Pathfinder Legendary Cuts: Male Human Wizard (2)
Pathfinder Legendary Cuts: Female Elf Rogue (2)
Bretonnian Archers (4)
Infinity: Helen of Troy
Bad Squiddo Jeanne d'Arc
Bad Squiddo Audrey Hepburn
Bad Squiddo Ada Lovelace
Bad Squiddo Mary Fields
Bad Squiddo Salute Pirate
Anvil Industry Salute Pirate
Forgemaster Orcs (6)
Bifrost Gnoll Artificer
Wargames Atlantic British Expeditionary Force (6)
Modular Worlds Idle Leshy
Modular Worlds Skink Familiar
Only Games Free 1 Page Rules Figure

Purchased for Commission Painting:
Limited Edition Bounty Hunter Sniper
LE Infinity Bounty Hunter (White Company)
LE Infinity Bounty Hunter (NA2)
Event Varangian Guard
Blade Ops (2)

Bought for the Stash:
Reaper Pathfinder Keketar Protean
Reaper Pathfinder Order of the Scourge Hellknight
Reaper Pathfinder Sharda, Iconic Shaman
Reaper Pathfinder Half Orc Cleric of Rovagug
Reaper Pathfinder Vorn - Human Paladin
Reaper Pathfinder "Pathfinder Agent"
Reaper Pathfinder Andoran Steel Falcon
Reaper Pathfinder Eagle Knight of Andoran
Reaper Pathfinder Hook Mountain Ogre 2
Reaper Pathfinder Hookmaw Kreeg Ogre
Fenris Games Army of Duckness (32)
Bad Squiddo Ghoul Kickstarter (49)
Trench Crusade Kickstarter (10)
Heroquest: Path of the Wandering Monk (2)
The Piscean Kickstarter (5)
Garage Kit Rogue Trader Hover Tank
Shatterpoint: High Ground (20)
Shatterpoint: Take Cover: (9)
D&D Collectors: Oyaminartok
D&D Collectors: Marlos Urnrayle & Priest (2)
D&D Collectors: Pharblex & Sandesyl (2)
The Steel Rook
LE Infinity Bounty Hunter (Nomads)
Heroquest: Against the Ogre Horde (28)
Fist in the Eye Tooth Demon
Mutated Minotaur
Damned Damsels (4)
Reaverettes (4)
Mordern Tzane, Knight-Arcanum
Epic Encounters: Local Legends (38)
World of Deus Lair Kickstarter (335)
Black Crab 6 Kickstarter (12)
Gecko Squadron and Pilots (4)
Spektr Hacker
Spektr Boarding Shotgun
Raoul Spector
Bretonnian Made to Order models (10)