The Crowdfunding Problem

I have had some . . . mistakes in judgement with crowdfunding projects (whether Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or more obscure places). As a result, I have . . . rather a few crowd-funded projects I've backed and not sorted out yet.

So, one of my goals is really to start blitzing through these...

Eden by Taban

Maki Games Kickstarter

Arcworlde Bayourks

T5 Building

Krieg Dwarves

Paul Bonner's Little Troll


Bob Olley's Prussian Scrunts

Afterlife: Shards of Liberty

Troll Outpost Fimir

Shieldwolf: War is Coming

Orc Princess

Colony 87

Space Riders

Steampunk Militia Miniatures


Crooked Claw Goblins

Plague Fields

Hobgoblin's Hoard: Barebones

Infamy One Shots: Goblin Chieftan

Heroines in Sensible Shoes

Circle of Chaos

Return to Colony 87

Westfalia Halfmen (goats!)

Diehard Miniatures

The Pantheon of Chaos

Fantasy and History Kickstarter

Ghosts of Gaia


Heresy Miniatures

Kingdom Death: Monster

Goblin Hood Goblins

Ghosts of Gaia II

Pantheon of Chaos Chapter 2

My Last Sunrise

Diehard Miniatures: Undead Rising

Aenor Miniatures Trolls and Goblins

Rudianos Raiders

Daughters of the Burning Rose

Laser Terrain Co

Black Crab Miniatures

Deep Ones of the Powell Darks - DONE

The Fantasy Four

Tabletop Fantasy Miniatures by Ana Polanscak

Black Crab Miniatures 2

Left at the Bottom of the Garden

Bad Squiddo Amazons and Dwarfs

Colony 87, The Third Wave

Fantasy Fighters

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