Monday 8 September 2014

Shopocalypse: Overlords Bring and Buy

I regularly listen to The Overlords Podcast on the way to work, and when I heard they were having a Bring and Buy event, I decided it was time to overcome my recent slackness with ebay-ing off old stuff I'm not using any more and have a bit of a clear out. My wife was also super enthused about the idea of offloading stuff, so also headed over.

As my wife was cycling there, I had the unenviable job of lugging everything else to the venue - a scout hut somewhere between Barking and Dagenham.

My wife and I laid out the stuff we had to sell next to a chap who was selling off some Horus Heresy stuff. My wife only smacked me a few times for looking at it covetously.

I popped into the hut itself to see the "Haven" event which was going on in the main area. You can find more and better pictures of the event itself on the Overlords Facebook page.

Wait. What just happened? I'm going home with more than twice as much stuff as I took. Where has all my money for change gone? And the money I made selling things? I haven't been robbed - I just have poor impulse control (and so does my wife). She managed to pick up some more bits and pieces for her Dark Eldar and her Orks. So, what did I pick up?

One Dark Vengeance set of Dark Angels, less the Librarian, which I swapped for a box of Al Mukhtar's Desert Dogs.

I picked up this Rhino as part of a bulk deal. I'm undecided as yet as to whether to use it for my Dark Angels or my Inquisition. I'm mildly tending towards the Dark Angels at the moment.

A whole bunch of Elysian bits, and one kitbashed heretic using Elysian and Chaos Renegade parts.

Also in the bulk buy were four Servitors - two with Heavy Bolters, two for the fixing of things.

Five metal Squats. These will be going into an Inquisitorial Warband, and make me inordinately happy.

And the final part of my bulk deal - six Rogue Trader era metal Space Marines. I think one has a Heavy Bolter. I was originally planning on using them as Fallen, but plans may change base on my future whims.

This chap wasn't actually bought at the Bring and Buy, but I found him in with a bunch of other bits and pieces I picked up second hand the previous week at a model railway shop. I do have a Skavenblight Scramblers team sitting around, so I'll add him to them - a spare lineman is never a bad thing!

I also spotted a bag of lasgun cartridges which I thought my friends who run a 40K LARP would like for props. They did, the price was right, so they'll be hopefully winging their way up to Scotland shortly.

Two Necromunda gangs from the previous week's shopping were swapped for Xenology. It's a nice source book for ideas and stuff, and generally hard to find these days. Sadly, the Inquisitor Sketchbook went before I got to it!

A lovely gentleman gave this to me for free, as its missing from my RPG book collection. It was definitely appreciated.

You can never have too many dice, right?

I've also picked up three old metal Chaos Dreadnoughts, which I'm going to run as a Mayhem Pack. I'm not planning on running Nurgle Chaos Space Marines, but I decided that the Iron Warriors I am running would be totally cool with keeping some quarantined horrors in a teleport bay ready to drop onto someone as a way of breaking a siege.

Finally, I spotted that the Terminators next to the Helbrutes were old metal Rogue Trader miniatures, which I am a total sucker for. I have no plans for them, but I'm super pleased to have them.

So, now to ebay to try and offload some of the things I failed to sell this weekend...

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