Monday, 28 September 2015

Relics Britanan Commission from Siege Studios

Once again, I've been super busy working at the day job which has been getting in the way of Actually Painting Models.

So, once again, I've been paying other people to paint my models. For this commission, I've used Siege Studios.

In a "Responsible One" blog first, there's a video of my models! Obviously, this is courtesy of Siege Studios, as I do not have the camera skills to produce something like this.

Photo courtesy of Siege Studios.

I paid for the "Bronze Level" with these models, and I'm really happy with how they've turned out.

Photo courtesy of Siege Studios.
Sadly, this wasn't a completely pain free commission. There were some delays, due to perfectly understandable reasons - and I have no problem with those delays, as there was no rush on these models getting done.

Photo courtesy of Siege Studios.
Unfortunately, the communication around those delays was not very good at all. Given this was the first time I'd used Siege Studios, this made me rather nervous! Several times, I needed to chase for an update. I'm more understanding with one man band operations being a bit lax about e-mails, but I expect a bit of a higher standard a studio with a slick website and a stall at Salute.

Photo courtesy of Siege Studios.
That said, this feels like teething troubles from expansion rather than anything fundamentally wrong. The prices are reasonable, the quality for what you pay for excellent.

Photo courtesy of Siege Studios.

I mean, just look at the freehand banner on the Britanan Colour Party here! It is really clean and neat. I did a little happy dance when I unwrapped this chap, and I'm sad I don't currently have anyone to play against until my wife assembles and paints her force.

Photo courtesy of Siege Studios.

Here's the whole force together. Don't they look awesome?

All in all, I don't regret sending these chaps to Siege Studios. While the communication delays were stress inducing and infuriating, the end product is excellent.

In particular, I will be giving them another chance in the future, when budget allows. That's probably the best indicator for any painting service!

If you're interested in using Siege Studios yourself, their website is here.

If you like the Britanan models, you can get them from Tor Gaming here, though your local store may also stock them.


  1. blimey they look the business.

    From the quality of the paint job and their gallery on the web site I think I would give them another throw of the die.

    1. Yeah, I definitely will when budget allows.