Sunday 21 August 2016

Quick update: How's that Tale of Gamers Challenge going?

Well, it's not terrible!

Where I wanted to be, with one weekend to go, was to have all the Forsaken assembled, and half of them painted, and be going into next month's assembly.

We have eight out of ten Forsaken assembled, and five are mid paint. Five of next month's Marauders are assembled and ready for undercoat.

I am tempted to do a little bit of a swap, and finish off the five Forsaken I'm mid-way through, but paint the five Marauders as the other half of this month's progress. The Forsaken sculpts are pretty detailed, and there's a lot of fiddly detail to deal with.

I think I'll just see how I go next weekend.


  1. Good work. Keep it up. I looked at some minis last week. didn't touch them, I could see the paint nearby, then something more important happened. eating a biscuit, trying a hat on, letting the dog out. Something like that. I really must do something...

    1. Pick a model. Sit down. Speed paint it in an hour.

      If your paint desk isn't ready to go, spend an hour prepping your paint desk instead.


  2. Ha!

    I'm with Zzzzzz.

    Nice one: keep it up.