Saturday 1 October 2016

Road Trip! Duxford: Restorations in progress and WWII

And now, the final part of my Duxford photos! Hope you've enjoyed them all.

This wasn't labelled, but it looks like some sort of trench telescope. Nice concept piece for the whackier end of 40K.

This vehicle was hit by an IED. The glass was peppered with either shrapnel marks or bullet holes. It was hard to tell.

Crashed German fighter, on a display showing it how it was after crash landing, with a photo reference.

Early war armoured up civilian vehicle, then used for guarding airfields and similar, hence the RAF numberplate and symbol. Was thinking about something like this for Konflikt '47.

Also a fascinating and whacky thing that I hope I can find Bolt Action rules for if I do Konflikt '47.

And what it was used for is absolutely fascinating! I took the photo so I didn't forget.