Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Warhammer World Open Day January 2017

Obligatory Death Roller photo
So, I pottered up to Warhammer World after the New Year for the Open Day. I wasn't particularly diligent with photo taking or anything like that, because Battle Bunnies just put so much effort into it, there'd just be duplication of effort!

So mostly, I just caught up with people I've met at events before and had a bit of a chat.

I did pick up a few bits of Blood Bowl news in the chatting, which I may as well share:

  • Dwarf team should be out by the end of the month
  • Plastic Dwarf team, resin Death Roller
  • Plastic Ogre and Troll, resin Rat Ogre
  • Re-do of the existing Skaven Star Player, and a couple of new ones coming
  • Plastic goblin team coming
  • Goblins will also have resin secret weapons (the ones we know, and maybe some new ones)
  • Deathzone Season 2 will have goblins, Underworld and Chaos Renegade teams

I'm still faffing over Stormcast colour schemes for the few Stormcast I have, so took a photo of this in the miniatures hall to aid my thinking process.

I posted this on twitter and it's been favourited and retweeted no end...

One of the figures from the Pilgrym display. Absolutely stunning piece overall, but I get distracted by faded red, checker board and flame edging.

I was pretty restrained in purchases - a couple of limited figures, the Ironwarp Citadel exclusive book, the music of Warhammer World, and the Rogue Trader re-print.


  1. RT Reprint ?!?! It'd stop the original falling apart #olderthanyou

  2. That was a very responsible haul (pun intended!).

    1. I will admit there's a couple of things they sold out of that I've got on back order...

    2. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

      Now that makes sense.

  3. Thanks for the account. I am pretty sure I re-tweeted that Rainbow Warriors image with my Between the Bolter and Me account. It is great. I would love to see more of the Rainbow Warriors.

    Pretty awesome that they are re-printing the Rogue Trader book. I hope it makes its way over the the USA.

    1. I have a plan for some Rainbow Warriors of my own, but I have to finish some existing projects!

  4. in case you're interested, that particular Pilgrym is Jakob Nielsen's :)