Monday 5 June 2017

WarhammerFest: Part III - Golden Demon Photos

I didn't manage to get a huge number of photos of the Golden Demon entries. The cabinets get very crowded for the short period of time everything is visible.

Still, you get to see stuff like this amazing kit bash. Even I have trouble picking out where all of these parts come from.

The Age of Sigmar single figure category had a lot of excellent figures in, and this is where I got most of my photos.

I found the two DarkOath Chieftans kind of fascinating, as you got to see the differences two excellent painters took on the same figure.

Not the most detailed painting on a figure, but noted as a Blood Bowl Apothecary conversion using the new Changeling model.

The other reason I don't bother with too many photos, because the lighting isn't ideal for photography - and all the really good stuff gets photographed by Games Workshop with excellent photography lighting and much better cameras than I own...

I felt I had to get a photo of the Fimir in the cabinet for the old school shout out.

Again, it doesn't come out brilliantly, but the hand painted detail on the banner is amazing.

This kit bash is my personal favourite - the shoulder piece with the laurel wreath and the yellow and black checks are painted gloss. This is because painted armour plates would be glossed to protect the design.

The kitbash, as well, is amazing. The ruff, the head working with the Stormcast body, and the slashed sleeve (which is actually a slashed sleeve over the undershirt).

Another old school shout out with the new take on Slambo. This is excellently painted on a relatively simple figure.

One of the new categories was where everyone was told to paint an Eldar Farseer with no modification. One entrant had taken that very literally, and painted everything on the sprue. If you look closely,  there's a lot of amazing freehand detail, and sections of the sprue are detailed with runes or other effects.

I think this will be one of the photos I use to show people that miniature painting can be art.


  1. Figure in the top image is by Helge Dahl - excellent blog over at

    1. The style looked familiar! I believe I already follow their blog. :)