Monday 7 May 2018

A bit of a clear out

As part of the bank holiday weekend, I've taken the opportunity to have a little bit of a clear out of some of my abandoned projects. You can find them listed for sale here. However, as I was taking nice photos to go on eBay, I thought it would be interesting to talk about what I'm selling, but also why.

First up, we have a bunch of Nurgle Chaos Space Marine stuff. There's three dreadnoughts and five Chaos Terminators in total.

I picked these up many years ago at an Overlords gaming club bring and buy. One of the younger players was selling on his Nurgle chaos force to fund a new project. As I understand it, he'd also bought a lot of it second hand from someone as well.

I picked up the models I did because at the time I was planning an Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marine force using the models from Dark Vengeance I'd got as a present from my wife. My logic was that these models were painted to a gaming standard and could easily bulk out the Iron Warriors force I wanted while I was getting it ready, and once the force was complete, I could sell them on.

Unfortunately, the Iron Warriors never came to be, so there's no longer any reason to keep team Nurgle. I'm weirdly attached to the little blighters because I know so much of their history. Hopefully they'll move on to someone who'll use them as is, rather than simply stripping them and starting again.

I'm also selling off various bits from the Japanese Successionist Army box for Infinity. I grabbed the box for the pre-order miniature and to get the various models out of it that are of use to the Ikari Mercenary Company, as I already had a lot of the miniatures for that force. (Essentially by mistake, due to the nature of mercenaries.)

There's also a few surplus Antenocitis Workshop bases - either ones I used for some of my civilian models, or ones purchased for mercenaries before I decided to incorporate them into my Ikari forces.

So, if you're seeing this in the first few days the post is up, please head over to my eBay page and grab a bargain. If not, I hope you found these ramblings about why hobby moves on to someone else interesting.

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