Thursday 29 November 2018


Yet more miniatures painted by someone who isn't me! Here's my first batch of goblins by Brushchewer Inc. Once I've found the light box I'll take some better photographs.

This definitely proves my idea that a bundle of goblins from different miniatures from different manufacturers painted in a unified scheme really do look excellent as a motley horde of troublemakers.

I just need to have a serious think if I want to go through with an entire army of them given my current priorities.

I've just received notification that my copy of the Infinity book Third Offensive has arrived, complete with a complementary Libertos Freedom Fighter, so that's a twentieth model purchased, but 20 painted goblins is definitely starting to catch up!

Hopefully the weekend will allow me to get some painting done myself...

Models Painted: 30
Models Purchased: -20


  1. I like those. Very gobbeldigook.

    1. Yup! I think goblins that look to regimented aren’t quite right somehow.

  2. If they get you to where you want to be, I don't see a problem. The horde grows!

    1. Absolutely. I love painting but haven’t had the time of late. Too much commission painted stuff on the blog isn’t so much a problem in terms of the minis themselves, just showing I’m not painting enough.