Monday 5 November 2018

WIP Goblins from Brushchewer

As all is still boxes here in the land of the Responsible One, I thought I’d share some work in progress pictures I got from Brushchewer Inc, who are painting an assortment of my goblins at the moment.

There’s a good selection in the batch - the idea has always been that the army is a motley assortment of different body shapes of goblin brought together by a single paint scheme. You can see some Northumbrian Tin Soldier Nightfolk, a figure from GoblinAid and one from Atlantis Miniatures. I don’t recall where the drummer is from - he’s almost certainly a Kev Adams sculpt, but I don’t recall if he’s Crooked Claw or someone else!

Still, it’s always good to see some progress on miniatures you’ve sent off elsewhere! I can’t wait to see them back in person when they’re finished.


  1. Always love a Kev Gobbo.

    Not in that way... Stop sniggering at the back !