Thursday 28 February 2019

Tales from the Practice Games: A Couple of Scarface Errors

Before last week's excursion to Beachhead, I tried out my more experimental 200 point list in a game of Annihilation down at HATE with one of our newer players. They were running a Corregidor list, and had the first turn.

Can you spot my initial error?

I had left Scarface looking in one direction, leaving me incredibly open to a Hellcat Airborne Deployment, which is exactly what happened. Luck meant I was at least able to get Scarface to turn aroundo on the drop, but they were armed with a Boarding Shotgun, so it wasn't going to go well...

Cordelia died in the first blast, and Scarface took two wounds before finally a lucky critical hit took the Hellcat down. But Scarface now had no Engineer, one Wound left, and had entered a Frenzy state because he'd killed the Hellcat, losing the benefits of cover.

I managed to keep him alive for a while, but then spotted an opportunity to take out Lupe Balboa, who'd entered Suppression Fire under smoke in sight of Scarface. I used the Assault special role to make a ten inch move and charge into base to base with Lupe, and cut her down.

Unfortunately, I'd forgotten about two Crazy Koalas just around the corner, and they ran over and blew Scarface to pieces, costing me the game.

Lessons Learned:

  • Remember that drop troops are good this edition, and stop leaving gaps for them to kill your best units
  • When your opponent drops Koalas off, remember that the activation area is in all directions from them. I'd got into my head they were marking the entry and exit into a canyon, but they're perfectly capable of running over and blowing a TAG away by jumping up the canyon wall...
Hopefully my daft mistakes will have either amused or educated...

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