Wednesday 26 May 2021

Work in Progress Wednesday: Runewars Wood Elf Archers

I was rummaging around the Bad Squiddo Games Bargain Bin when I came across a bunch of old Runewars models at a massive discount. Runewars was an attempt at a mass battle game that kind of flopped and has now stopped production.

The four elves above came in a box of eight with duplicate sculpts. I'm planning on using them for things like D&D or Frostgrave and don't need the duplicates so plan on selling them off down the club once I've finished assembling all the models with duplicates - but I need to finish making them first as there's only one instruction booklet!


  1. They look pretty kool. Interesting that they look like identical quadrauplets.

    1. I suspect it's a result of computer sculpting. I'll vary skin tones and hair colours so it doesn't look too weird.