Monday 8 July 2024

Malifaux Battle Report - Plant Explosives, Viktorias vs Molly

It's been a whole while since I played Malifaux, so decided to grab a game to remind myself of the rules. One of the London players volunteered to help out and brought a Resurrectionist Molly crew to face my Outcast Viktorias crew.

We were playing Plant Explosives so I yeeted Bishop up the field, pulling Taelor some of the way to get a marker down.

Archie charged in and smacked Bishop pretty hard. Taelor then swung in but couldn't quite finish Archie off. The next turn, Archie smushed them both, taking out two of my heavy hitters...

I didn't have much left that could threaten Archie or the Rogue Necromancy so mostly ended up with my scheme runners (ineffectively) running away from them.

One Vik got taken down, while the second went to go shank up one of the new Molly crew models, but found them a tough nut to crack.

Teleporting Crooligans were dropping scheme markers all over the place, and I was falling further and further behind in scoring.

My Prospector and Ronin made one last brave attempt to get some scoring down, but my numbers were low enough that markers were just getting taken out faster than I could put them down. We called the game there with a solid win for Molly.

I definitely don't really know what I'm doing just yet, but it was good to get a game in. I enjoyed the game itself even if I did get a kicking. There's some more figures I need to assemble, and a bunch of painting to be done...

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