Tuesday 1 May 2012

The coming week

So, how has my painting & modelling been coming along in the past week?

Well, after trying to trim the flash from one of the tiny pipes on the Forge World Titan Tech Priest's axe resulted in damaging the model, and I'd had a little cry, I decided to put him on hold for now. There was no way I was going to get him done in time for the painting competition last Saturday, so I decided to chalk that up to experience and leave it be for now.

So, I did a bit of pleading to the wife, and she fixed my mess up, and I put him back into his bag to finish the prep work later once I'm a lot more confident on such things. Instead, I decided to learn how to use a Dremel.

In short, they're awesome, and cut model prep time down extensively.

As a result of a productive weekend, I have now;

Cleaned up the second half of my conscript squad
Undercoated five of the conscripts, with the rest still to do (stupid rain)
Undercoated my stray Leman Russ turret

I also managed to get some of the base coating started on my first Storm Trooper squad while I was painting in Darksphere on Tuesday painting night...

As a result, I'm feeling really productive right now!

Because we're so busy (only just back from a monthly pub social!), and I'm on a work training course this week, I'm going to be giving Darksphere painting night a miss tomorrow. Despite that, I'm pretty hopeful of getting some stuff done over the week on some of the quick wins.

I've also joined the blog up to the UK Bloggers Group for 40K, so may see a very slight increase in traffic when I get as far as doing such things as regular pictures and more thoughts on tactics and stuff.

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