Monday 7 May 2012

The coming week

As predicted, my work training course was insane and I got precisely no gaming related things done all week!

I now have a week of holiday where I hope to get some catch up done.

The reason for the holiday is my first wedding anniversary. I got my wife the Incarnate Elemental of Beasts from Forgeworld. She's been talking about doing it up in an awesome winter colour scheme for a while, and I suspect if she gets it done in time it will be a Golden Demon entry.

My wife has, in turn, lovingly added to my painting backlog by getting me a Malifaux crew, the rule book, and a carry case from KR Multicase. I'm going to be going to pick them up tomorrow...

I'm going to try and set myself some goals for the coming week, and see how well I manage in getting close to them.

Leman Russ MBT
Currently: Turret Undercoated, hull fully painted
Goal: Fully painted tank

Conscripts Squad
Currently: 10 fully painted, six undercoated, 4 assembled and unpainted
Goal: 20 fully painted

Storm Trooper Squad
Currently: Undercoated started base coating
Goal: Fully painted

I think that's pretty achievable, all told. Lets see how well I do!

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